About Us

The main objective of my smart support blog and YouTube channel is to teach and guide people appropriately about all genuine ways of making money online available on internet.

My name is Dharmendra Kumar and I am the owner, founder and author of this blog, I had nearly 5 year of experience of running a YouTube channel named as – “My Smart Support” where basically I used to upload Technology related videos on topics such as web development, YouTube tips and tricks,hardware and networking,Android app development, gadget’s reviews etc.I am a full time YouTube creator and earn my complete Living & expenses from YouTube advertisement,affiliate marketing,sponsorship etc . Bing a very old YouTube creators from India , I have lot of information regarding rules regulations & guidelines of YouTube ,Blogging , Google AdSense and other popular earning platforms , about which i use to spread across the needed people who are new & willing for earn from internet via home.

Now a day in India , lot of youngsters , working people , housewife are willing to make some money from home , but due to lack of Information and proper guidance these people work very hard, spend lot of time as well as money to create best quality content  for their YouTube channel,blog and Android app development,  but in spite of this they are not able to earn a single rupees or getting very less revenue in return of their hard work & dedication.So here on my YouTube channel and this blog I try my best to help and guide  people to achieve maximum possible growth and generate maximum revenue from their hard work . I even provide them personal suggestions and if they are in any trouble or facing some problem.I troubleshoot it and provide genuine solutions.

About my personal life: I was born in Rohtas district, Bihar. I am a father of one sweet baby girl and my daughter name is Manvi, she is 2 year old and I have my father ,mother, Sister ,wife, grandfather, grandmother  in my Joint family with 17 members, the main motto of my life is to help and support needed people rather than making huge money. My hobbies are playing with kids enjoying rain drops, love to swim in river, spend my time alone near mountains and Green Fields,I love village life and hate to crowdy places and city life.

My Struggle for success:

My father is a farmer but at his dream and Desire was to educate me and willing to make me a engineer so after I completed my 10 + 2 he admitted me to Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College , Bidar ,Karnataka in electronics and communication branch, I got a seat on donation after the payment of of 1.5 lakhs rupees for which my dad had sold 2 acres of agricultural land.

But I was not good with my academic in engineering I was much interested in computers internet and how to get money online during this period I have struggled a lot and even I worked in a cyber cafe on the salary of rupees 2000 per month, my economical condition become very weak & sometimes during night I used to cry on road during night due to hunger and my failure.

One day in that cyber cafe a customer suggested me to upload videos on YouTube then I started doing that from the same day I uploaded nearly 5 videos hardware networking which are still available on my channel after that I waited a lot but at my don’t get views neither money and due to frustration I left uploading videos after 1 year I got married and was looking for for all the sources from where I could get money my condition became too much worst then I reminded that I had uploaded videos on YouTube I checked them  they are nearly approx 50 thousand views on every videos and resultant was they had generated nearly $21 which was a great hope for me and now I started uploading videos regularly after working on YouTube for regular 6 month and uploading early 100 videos I started getting money every month from YouTube which was a great support for me letter on I started web designing business where I used to walk across the various school colleges or small businesses for getting clients and even if I got 5 lines for Website Designing within a month I usually make good morning out of it so this was my schedule and after 1 year my financial condition was quite good I came back to my village in Bihar and decided to help those needy people who are working very hard to earn a single penny the are leaving their family friends and loved ones just saying in other states country just for earning few money so I decided to teach them this online method of making money online which are genuine and that’s the main purpose of this blog and my YouTube channel.