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After Class 10th ! Which is the Best Stream to Choose – Science / Arts / Commerce

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In India, Xth stander is a turning point of a student towards their career. This is the time when he/she has to decide their future and all of this depends on which stream you are going to select in Xth and this is the time when students get confused which is pretty natural. In India, there are mainly three streams available-Science, Commerce and Arts/Humanity. I tried my best to provide you a small guidance as per my experience. Before we jump into which stream is suitable for you there is one more important thing which I would like to discuss here first, that how to choose a perfect stream.

  • How To Choose Suitable Stream:
  • List Out Your Interest Area:

Before selecting any stream first of all list down your interest area and every aspect of it which you are interested in because if you make your interested stream your profession you will enjoy your work which will help you and keep you happy in long run. For an example, if you are seriously interested in Math, Business and Accounts you should make it a part of your profession and choose Comers stream so that even if you are working you can enjoy every single moment of it.

  • Get Knowledge:

Science, Comers and Arts/Humanity all three of them are very popular streams but pursuing any of the streams just because it is popular is not at all a good idea. Before selecting any of the streams first clear the factor that which stream is suitable for you or you are seriously interested in and for this you need to do a proper research keeping your interest area in mind because having an interest in a certain stream will not always lead you to the right path so if you gain a proper knowledge regarding it you will know better that whether that stream in which you are interested in is a right choice for you or not. For an example, If you are interested in Comers list down the important subjects like (Math, Business Studies, Accounts, Economics) etc. type of examinations (practical and written exams) etc. the same thing goes with the other streams as well. You should consult your seniors as well because you can learn more with their experience. Search out the every aspect of it also search about the professional courses available which you can peruse after completing your schooling with your selected stream.

Now here comes the stream selection part so let’s know about it.

  • Science Stream:
  • This stream has always been a fascinating stream amongst the all. It always offers you the well-paid career options after your college.
  • Subjects you need to study in it are Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Biotechnology, English, and Computer Science. This stream will give you the option to make your career in engineering and medical.
  • Later on, in XII stander you will get to study these subjects individually as per your selection preferences.


  • Commerce Stream:
  • This subject is all about studying Business, Finance, and Economics. This is also a very popular stream in X
  • Opting Comers will open a door for vast career options like you can work in Banks, MNCs and even you can start your own business.
  • Subjects you need to study are English, Business Studies, Economics, Accounts, Computers and Business law and students have to study all the six subjects this is compulsory.


  • Arts/Humanity
  • This is a very interesting stream. It has vast career options as well as vast subject’s options too.
  • With this stream, you can make your career in Human psychology, politics, sociology, literature, Mass Media, Journalism, Social service etc.
  • If you choose Arts/Humanity stream the subjects you need to study are History, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, English, Hindi, and Sanskrit. You can choose any four subjects of your choice which is compulsory in addition to English and Modern Indian Language

So that is all about it. Hope this article will help you out in clearing some of your confusions.