10 Reason to Avoid Blogger or Blogspot

10 Reason to Avoid Blogger or Blogspot
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Are you using Blogger as a blogging platform to make money? But Blogger is not a recommended platform to start blogging. Here are 10 reasons to avoid Blogger.

Blogger is a popular blogging platform by Google which is free and openly available. You can start a blog for free and even make money with it if you are a lucky one. But Blogger is not that good now in 2019 where competition is too high. If you are looking to make a huge brand with your blogging skills and choosing Blogger as a platform then you are absolutely mistaken and you need to avoid Blogger for the better of your blog.

But to say anything about why you should avoid Blogger, you must be aware of Blogger.

What is Blogger?

Blogger is a platform from Google where bloggers can create their blogs for free and start blogging. It is free and open to everyone. All you need is to have a Google account and you can sign up for Blogger. Here you get a subdomain with the name of your blog and blogspot.com is the main domain added to the URL of your blog. Also, if you want to remove the blogspot.com then you can buy a custom domain from Google. thi8s is a great platform for those who love writing and want to start their own blog.

Why you should Avoid Blogger?

1. Bad for SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and if you are looking tom build and audience then you cannot compromise on SEO. But if you are using Blogger as a blogging platform then Google does not consider it best for SEO. You don’t get your content optimized for search engines and the links are only .html. So, all we can say is that you can barely rank with a Blogger website.

2. No Authority

Authority is a number given to domains based on visitors it has and the content it puts. And, it matters in terms of the overall health of a website. Higher the Authority means better the site. By default 1 is the domain authority and it can go up to 100. But if you are using Blogger then you don’t even get a domain. And, if you don’t have a domain then how can you build authority to it.

3. No Alexa Ranking

Alexa ranking is the ranking given to websites based on a number of people visiting a website. 1 is the top ranking and it can be up to any number. Lesser the ranking better the website. Websites like Google, Facebook, Youtube are a few top ranking websites. So, if you have a huge number of people visiting your website then your ranking should be less meaning good. But, you cannot check the Alexa ranking of your blog if it is using the Blogger. Because all you get is a sub-domain from Blogspot.

4. Negative Impact on Branding

If you are looking to build a brand not a blog then Blogger is not the platform for you. Suppose you have a website with a huge number of people daily visiting your website and everything is going so good. But all of a sudden you have another website but this one is based on Blogger. Now, what do you think which website will be preferred by brands? You just got your answer. Blogger creates a negative impact on your branding and ruins the efforts that you have made.

5. Tough to get Backlinks

A backlink is a referral link that acts as a supporter in the eyes of Search engines. So, if more websites are ranking to you it means your website is good. And, it matters a lot when a backlink is coming from a reputed website.

Let’s say you convinced the biggest website in your niche to give a backlink in return for a guest post. But, imagine what would be the reaction when the other blogger would come to know that your blog is on Blogger. No one would agree to link to a blogger website.

6. Design Issues

Design is the layout or looks of a website and you must agree that a good looking website is a must. And, better the look of your site is it’s going to be more attractive right. To get a new look you need a good theme. There are plenty of free and premium themes that you can get. But, the problem is that even with a premium theme you can not customize everything. There are only a few things that can be changed here.

7. Ownership & Control

Ownership and control go hand in hand. If you own something then you have the full control, over it. But in the case of Blogger, you are not owning your website. Despite you have the control of it but the control of the platform as a whole lies with the owner and Google is the owner of Blogger. No matter how hard you work if Google decides to shut the platform then your blog is just gone.

8. Terms and Conditions

If you are using a platform you will have to adhere to its policies. And, Google is very strict about its policies. If you violate their terms and conditions., they can suspend your blog anytime. And, you don’t want t6o to go your efforts waste by violating a single condition. So, if you ard ignoring their policies then you are just living on your luck. And, they can suspend your blog anytime soon.

9. Monetization

Monetization is the absolute driving force anything to do. If you are putting your efforts for something then you are absolutely looking to make money with it. And, as in the case of Blogger, Google Adsense is the only way to monetize the blog. You can make money with it but that too limited. Because you have only a few limited places to place your ads. And, if your Adsense account gets suspended then how can you make money?

10. Your Absolute Focus

Once you realize that you have a lot of problems ahead with your blog then how can you focus on your work. There is something going on always in the back of your mind that this is not the good thing to invest time in. So, to start a blog it is advised to get a good website and publish a blog so s to give your 100% attention.

These are the issues that are constantly there with Blogger and you know why you should avoid Blogger. Because it is not good for your blog in the long run. The best way is to get a domain and a server space and use WordPress to publish a blog. Or you can use a custom domain on Blogger too.

What are your opinions on Blogger a blogging platform?