Best 25 Topics & Niches to Start a Youtube Channel in 2020

Best 25 Topics & Niches to Start a Youtube Channel in 2020
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YouTube is a platform where you can put up your ideas. A huge number of videos are posted daily on YouTube. If you have good ideas then it is possible to create a viral video channel on YouTube. So if you are searching for ideas for your YouTube channel, here are twenty-five of the most popular niches for YouTube channel.

  1. Gadget, Technology & Unboxing

Gadget, Technology & Unboxing will be a great idea for creating a YouTube channel. It is the most popular tech channel on YouTube with over 300,000 subscribers. If you are an expert in tech knowledge then it is going to help you. If you even know how to take apart & fix a computer than there will be other people who want to know how to do that.

The first place where people go to find something on the internet. The videos are much easier to learn than the manual. If you can make tech videos that are full of entertaining and informative than you will soon start to see your YouTube views increase.

2. Personal vlog

Personal vlogging is a good idea to start your own YouTube channel and it is one of the easiest ways too. The things that happen in your personal life will seem boring to you, but might be extremely interesting to other peoples to watch. You don’t need any special equipment to vlog. You simply need to record your daily life happenings, thoughts, etc. this can be an old-fashioned diary format to express yourself. Of course, to vlog, you need a special way to represent your videos. That will increase your views and make your videos viral.


So here comes Gaming one of the most popular viewed videos on YouTube. So you should have the ability to attract the viewers towards your gaming YouTube videos, but there is also one of the most popular and high demanded YouTube game called Fortine, about millions of people, view this gaming video. You can also include some short-focus highlights videos of the other games for viewers. So, that they can also approach this and might be also interested to view. These were the popular ways to walkthrough games.

Another way or format of gaming video can also be short videos like quick Ads. By explaining the whole gaming video as quickly as possible. And make your audience happy and cheerful by your small effort towards them.

4.Product Reviews

Product Review is one of the most popular methods of money-making quickly on YouTube. This is the kind of method in which you unbox a new trending on the device and show the viewers about their helpful use. In this, you directly uncover the product near the viewers in open fresh recorded videos. this is also one of the most demanded videos among all. Unboxing can also be a good platform for YouTubers for making money in good quality/quantity.


The word ‘comedy’ itself is very exciting and interesting to listen to. So, if you are the funniest person in your group to make everyone laugh with your jokes and act well then you should start a YouTube channel, sharing comedy videos. It will perfectly fit you.

You can make story videos, mimicries, roast or a stand-up comedy. If you make good content, good quality, good music, all your videos have to be good to make the people watching you want to see you again and people will watch share and subscribe to you too.

6.Pranks & Spoof

If you can make fool to anyone without any fear then you can create a YouTube channel and can make videos on pranks.

Prank means a practical joke. It is a mischevious trick played on someone, generally causing the victim to experience embarrassment. It is considered as practical because it consists of someone doing something physical in contact with a verbal or written joke. It is generally lighthearted and without lasting impact, they aim to make the victim feel humiliated or foolish.

The pranks can go wrong and someone can get hurt, so plan the video accordingly.

7.Celebrity Gossips

It is one of the most popular YouTube channel. Usually, we are more interested to know about someone else’s life than to hours.

Fans always want to know about what our favorite celebrity is doing, traveling, dating, single or mingle. It creates interest in them to talk with anyone.


Fact is a fabulous idea for creating a YouTube channel. This type of topic catches the attention of most of the viewers. Make sure to choose your category means tech facts, news facts, ancient facts, etc. The most facts liked by the viewers is the enigmatic facts.

Always try to give something different from others to increase your views, likes, and subscribers.

9.Animated stories

This topic is tough as it is not one person’s niche idea but requires a team of talented individuals. If you think you have a talented team then no doubt, you should start the YouTube channel with contents of Animated stories without wasting your time.

Animated story is the stories created through the animation by the artist. Animation pictures are manipulated to appear as moving images. While making animated stories it helps the viewer to get a better understanding of stories.

10.Motivational and Inspirational videos

It is a very interesting idea and it will help many people who will watch it. A motivational video makes you pick up and get you going with a harsh life. The creation of motivational and inspirational video is a difficult task. It needs research and of course a special way of collaboration which makes people inspired.

To create a video on this topic you need to be in a positive attitude and desire.

11.Traveling vlogs

Traveling vlogs is a great topic as well as a popular topic. This is something that can be easily combined with personal vlogging. Starting a traveling vlog on YouTube is a great idea. Those who wish to roam around the world, creating memories and earn at the same time.

For making a traveling vlogs investment is required to buy a camera and vlog equipments, etc. If you start attracting viewers then your expenses will cover up soon.

12.Restaurant and Food Reviews

If you are a foodie and love to try new dishes, a food review channel could be right for you. You don’t need skills to become a Restaurant and Food Reviewer, just an affection for trying new food is needed. You don’t need much to travel. You can focus on your local eateries. People are always interested to see other people’s views of food.

13.Life Hacks

Life Hacks is also a perfect idea for creating a YouTube channel as nowadays people are finding a new way to save time or money. So there is always a demand for hacks. You can create hacks videos on makeup, cooking, shopping and so on.

14.Kitchen Hacks

This type of idea is also too good to create a YouTube channel. Those who spend most of the time in the kitchen wants to make their life easier. So, on this channel, you can recommend gadgets to your viewers such as tools to cut or peel vegetables or fruits or keeping the kitchen neat and clean.

15.Makeup and Beauty

Start a YouTube channel that tells about makeup tips, beauty product reviews, makeup hacks, etc. If you love to make yourself or someone to look more beautiful.

These types of channels are in great demand. Make exciting videos with some makeup and beauty hacks. It will help in increase in audience.

16.Fashion and Hair Tips

If you feel that you know about fashion and style and know what will look good on others then it will be a great idea for you to create a YouTube channel.

The type of content you can create is fashion hacks, winter outfits, plus size fashion tips, etc. It can bring thousands of viewers.

17.Haircare and Hairstyle Ideas

Haircare and Hairstyle are other niches to explore. In fashion, hair is one of the valuable things in our body. Most people are very concerned about their hair. Haircare is the first need for hairs. If you can give ideas of haircare and hairstyle then the people suffering from hair fall and any other hair issues will help you to increase your viewer’s rate and niches.

18.Horror Videos

If you are good at storytelling then it can be your job. Horror videos are a type of storytelling videos which is very interesting. It is a part of storytelling. However, millions of people are not believing in horror events but then also they watch because it is very interesting.

You don’t need any ghost searching kit and go out and search for a real ghost. You can narrate horror stories through animation or discuss the haunted place.

19.Trailer and Movie Reaction

The title looks a little weird but people also search for this type of content. If you want to make subscribers then it is a good topic to create a YouTube channel.

In this type of video, people like to see someone else’s reaction and laugh. Before its too late make a YouTube channel and start making videos on it. An example of this title is Carryminati.

20.DIY Crafts

DIY Craft means Do It Yourself Crafts. DIY Craft is one of the best YouTube channel ideas I can suggest. If you can make some interesting things with the help of waste then you should not waste your time and create a YouTube channel and make videos on DIY. It will help you in grabbing subscribers.

21.Dance Tutorial

If you have a passion for dance, start a YouTube channel teaching dance step, choreography, etc.

In today’s date, if anyone wants to learn dance, the first thing comes in mind is that YouTube can help which will help in making good subscribers.

22.Health and Fitness Tips

In today’s date, Health and Fitness are the number one priority and this type of channel is hit. People mostly search on google and YouTube for fitness tips. You can also create videos through animated characters performing the activity.

23.Digital Marketing and Blogging

You can create a YouTube channel to make videos on Digital Marketing and Blogging as it is no longer a weekend hobby. But it is a professional career. It allows you to work at any time, place as your comfort.

Digital Marketing is a niche which covers search engine, social media, etc. It is used to make products on the internet.


If you think you are a good teacher and can teach anyone like a sky clear concept then this topic can help you. It will be very helpful for most of the poor students, who are not able to go for coachings. You can deliver knowledge as well as can make money at the same time.

25.Baby videos

No need to explain about babies. They are so cute that if you create a YouTube channel and make videos on babies then more than thousands of subscribers and likes can come in a few times. Babies’ video gets viral easily. Their videos are very popular on the internet. People love to watch babies, their activities and whatever they do.it is a nice way of earning money.

You just need to record cute baby videos and upload them on your created channel.

So, these were some 2020 trending topics from which you can create your own YouTube channel and can make videos and you can become the next YouTube Celebrity.