Best 3 Ways to Make Huge Money from Youtube in 2020

Best 3 Ways to Make Huge Money from Youtube in 2020
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Make Money on YouTube in 3 way in 2020 :

If you want to make money then YouTube is a great option/platform. There are many ways in which we can earn money through YouTube, from which the most renowned one is Ads, Affiliated and Sponsorship.

Monetize your videos with the YouTube Partner Program and make money from ads

If you want to make money from YouTube then the first revenue stream you need to explore is Ads. You can apply for monetization once you’ve cross 1,000 subscribers and 4000 watch time in the past then you will receive your share of the income for advertising onYouTube. Ads come in two forms: In-stream and Discovery.

In-Stream Ads are those kinds of videos when the viewers click on their selected video to watch before the content is played there is a small 12- second and 6 – minute video in which there is an option to skip this video after 5- second the play it and then they can directly startup watching their main content of the video.

Discovery Ads are those kinds of video which are visible on the right side of the selected videos of user.

How to enable monetization on YouTube

  1. Sign in to the YouTube account you want to monetize.
  2. Click the icon for your account in the top right corner.
  3. Click YouTube Studio.
  4. In the left menu, select Other Features > Monetization.
  5. Read and agree to the YouTuber Partner Program terms.
  6. Create a new AdSense account or connect an existing one to your channel. (You need an AdSense account to get paid.)
  7. Set your monetization preferences.

Affiliate marketer

There are a variety of methods in which people can make money through YouTube.But one of the most popular and highlighted methods of making money on Youtube is called/known as Affiliate Marketing. This is the kind of popular method in which you can sell other people’s products by convincing through verbally. Your interacting power should be good at convincing. In this method, you can earn a commission for each separate item through a special URL that is linked to your account. Many companies have an Associates Program, but one of the most simple and popular programs is Amazon’s Associates Program, which initially starts the commission at UPTO 10 Percent.

The method starts thoroughly by when you sign up for Amazon’s Program you will be taken to your linked place, where you can search for individual varieties of the item with options/substitute on the Amazon Marketplace which creates a specific link for the product. For all this, you have to make a short video that specifically highlights the product which makes the viewers interested in that product and tell them to click the link in the description if they are interested. The best part of the Amazon Associate Program is once the viewers clicked your provided link, you will automatically receive a commission on anything they purchase on Amazon within the next given counting hours(24 hours).

Seek Sponsorship

Nowadays lots of companies provide sponsorship to YouTube channels for direct advertisements. Sponsorship is one of the best methods of earning cash with the company as it pays more than ads.

A company provides products for review to the content creator and the creator provides positive information to the viewer about the nature of the product.