12+ Blogging Ideas that work without any SEO in 2020

12+ Blogging Ideas that work without any SEO in 2020
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Are you looking for Blogging ideas that work without any SEO? Yes, such things exist and you can make a lot of money without even doing a lot of things when it comes to SEO.

Blogging is not that easy in 2019 and when 2020 is on the verge it’s becoming even more difficult. The competition is increasing day by day and SEO is not that easy anymore. Google is constantly changing its policies. And, it will take years for you to start competing with such blogs that are already there in the search results.

But, even in this era of stiff competition, there are a few blogging ideas that work without any SEO technique being utilized. So, if you are looking out to start blogging in 2020 then here are a few blogging ideas that will make you rich very soon.

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Blogging Ideas that work in 2020

1. Sarkari Naukari

We live in a country where people hate when they have to do anything with the Government but everyone loves to get a Government job. Different departments and organizations of Government keep on publishing their various vacancy details. All you have to do is analyze the publication and write a blog about it.

There are a lot of searches about Government jobs and people visit all the sites they can. So, there is a pretty good chance of you getting a lot of traffic through search results and social shares. One more thing that you can do is send a lot of emails to a lot of people.

2. Movie Download Links

Indians have a habit of watching the latest movies but they don’t go to theatres all the time. So, what they do is try to search movies online but finding a download link is very difficult. So, what you can do is give them an actual download link and make money out of it. But, you will have to be very careful while doing it because there are chances of you indulging in p[ioracy.

3. Song Lyrics

We all love to listen to the latest songs. And, people love to listen to songs that are fast and difficult to understand. So, in order to memorize the song, they look for lyrics on the Internet. And, if you can give them the exact lyrics of such songs you can make a lot of money with it. You will have to keep an eye on the latest songs getting released and write lyrics as soon as possible. There can be different versions of such lyrics.

4. PNR Check

Indian Railways is one of the world’s largest transport networks and a lot of people travel with it on a daily basis. But, they don’t get a confirmed ticket so they even book a ticket on the waiting list. Now, they just keep on checking the confirmation status of their ticket and they do it online. So, if you can help them find the current status of their PNR its a great opportunity for you.

5. Quotes & Wishes

A lot of people share quotes on their status and stories. But, even a lot of people lack in creating such status on their own. So, what they do is try to look for quotes and wishes on the Internet. And, if you can give them what they are looking for you are on the absolute top. And, it does not take anything extra or special but simple quotes and wishes that you can take from a lot of online sources.

6. Jokes Website

Everyone loves to laugh and when people are depressed they look for some content on the Internet. A lot of people search for jokes on the Internet and they always want to find some new trending jokes. So, if you start giving them what they are looking for then the stage is all yours. Yes, you can find jokes on the Internet itself and start posting them on your website.

7. Motivation

Can you motivate someone? Even if you cannot motivate you can simply show them motivational quotes. There are a lot of searches being made just for the motivational quotes itself. So, why not start posting about it. You can find different quotes from a lot of motivational speakers for free and start posting them on your blog. It will not only give revenue to you but also you will be helping others too.

8. Bank IFSC Codes

Everyone has a bank account and whenever you have something to do with banks you always look for IFSC Codes. One way to get such IFSC Codes is by calling to the branch and get it. but instead, people prefer to search it online because calling the bank’s office is a mess and nothing. So, if you start giving them branch codes for different banks across the country you can make a lot of money.

9. Songs Download

If you have ever downloaded a song from the Internet, you may be aware of the fact that it’s very difficult. A lot of fake websites just try to get a click from you and make money. But, if you know how to provide songs then why don’t you do it? You can start uploading songs to your website or simply give them the download link and make money out of it. Making a simple website will give you a lot of traffic.

10. Currency Converter

Do you know that everyone looks for currency rates online? Let’s suppose you want to know how much does it cost to pay $50 in INR, what would you do? Like a normal persona, you must be looking for it on the Internet. All you have to do is use the Currency Converter algorithm and you will start making a lot of money.

11. Coupons and Deals

Its a habit for every rational consumer to bargain. And, now in the age of the Internet, we all do it with discount coupons. You cannot actually bargain with the seller but you can apply discount coupons to get some amazing discounts. So, why not make a list of such coupons that actually work actively and get a lot of attention and money too.

12. Celebrity Pages

Are you aware of the fact that a lot of people want to know about their favorite celebs? Yes, people search for age, weight, height about their favorite celebrities. So, if you can start posting about such celebs then you can gain the buzz. So, why not start doing it? Collect all the information available on the Internet and place it on your blog in a very organized manner.


So, these are some of the blogging ideas that work without any SEO or any content. All you need is to be smart and apply the right idea at the right time. So, if you are following these blogging ideas you are surely going to make a lot of money in the long run. It may not give you a lot of credibilities but it will surely make you have a livelihood with blogging.

Blogging becomes easy when you know what you are doing and how perfectly you are doing it. So, step in and start working for your dreams with the right kind of guidance.

What are your thoughts about these blogging ideas in 2019?