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Earn Extra with Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers & Youtubers

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If I talk about affiliate marketing a few years back this term was not as popular as nowadays it is especially in India but now people from all over the world are familiar with this term particularly if you are a blogger, YouTuber or have your own website. Now what exactly Affiliate Marketing is?

Definition: Affiliate Marketing is one of the ways of companies to sell their products and services and increases their selling at the same time this will also work as a brand promotion of a company. For affiliate marketing, you need to have your own website/blog or YouTube channel or any other platform where you have your own huge fan following and you have to refer buying links to your subscribers and readers. Send this traffic to the affiliated website to buy their products and services. For every single purchase made through your referral links, you will earn some money. Now, this earning depends on the percentage fixed by the affiliated company or a merchant. This earning will make a huge difference if you have a big fan following else it doesn’t make much difference but this affiliate commission does not work only for the particular product’s/service’s link you referred to your subscribers, the traffic go through your referred link even if they buy something else rather than your offered products/services then also you will get your percentage of commission because the purchased is made through your referred links which is an amazing factor. This affiliate link has the validity up to 6 months but it may differ from company to company as well.  Now if you are thinking That how the affiliated companies or merchant will come to know that the particular product/service was purchased through your referral link after a certain period of time then let me make this thing clear to you that whenever you generate a referral link an id has been generated to your cookies by the merchant or affiliated companies so that they can know that a particular product has been purchased through your referred link and they make sure that only the regarding person will get the commission this is how the entire process works. This business is one of the top rated businesses in India at present and the best way to earn money.


How to Choose Products/Services:

When you join any affiliate program and decide to sell through this program you need to choose a product category and while choosing any product category always remember one thing that only select products related to your category or topics which you are providing to your followers this will increase the selling because people who visits your site or subscribed to your channel they have a certain kind of interest in the topic which you are serving them that is why they are following you so they would be more interested if you offer them something related to your topic and will find it useful as well. This will increase the probability of selling also, on the other hand, if you offer them something totally different to your category why they will purchase it?

Affiliate Programs Can offer Different Payment Terms Such as:

  • Pay per sale: In this, you will get paid with a certain percentage when the product/service is purchased.


  • Pay per click: In this, you will earn the money on the basis of visitors you redirected to the merchant’s site whether the sale is made or not.

Why Affiliate Marketing Is Good:

  • When you are in the internet world you get the opportunity to reach to the people globally so affiliate marketing is the best way to earn a decent amount globally.


  • You don’t need to invest anything to join any affiliate program.


  • You don’t need to worry about the customer complaints this all will be taken care by the merchant.


  • You can work from home you don’t need to go out to sell the products.



How To Attach Affiliate Links

Select an affiliate program of any company of your choice. Join them and fill their required fillups(if they asked for it). Select the products which you want to sale and now they will provide you a short product link copy that link and paste it where you want to refer it to your subscribers. If you are referring any product/service on your website then you will get an HTML code link which you need to paste on your website’s backend settings and it will appear on your website.


Maintain The Trust/Faith:

Now while working on this affiliate program always remembers one thing that never ruin your subscribers or followers trust/faith because you have given so much of hard work to earn their trust on you and then you have built a brand image of your own that is why whatever you offer to your followers always make sure that it is trustworthy and reliable for them because when you offer them something, they will buy it blindly because they have their trust on you that you will always provide them the best and I don’t think that to earn some extra money you should ruin your own reputation and hurt your follower’s feelings.

I also have a video on Affiliate Marketing to watch that video CLICK HERE


My Words On It

This is one of the best and the easiest way to earn money if you want to generate some extra income and if you work religiously you can make a huge amount with this affiliate marketing.