8 Free Blogging Tools that Every Blogger needs

8 Free Blogging Tools that Every Blogger needs
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Are you a blogger? Obviously you must be a blogger that’s why you are reading this. And, if you are a blogger then heer we have free blogging tools that every blogger should have and these tools will make your life easier.

We have discussed Blogging million times and everyone says you can make a lot of money with blogging but before you begin it, you must know a few things. Here are some free blogging tools that every blogger should have. These tools will make your life easy and enhance your traffic.

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Free Blogging Tools

1. Grammarly

You must have seen many advertisements for Grammarly and it is a very crucial tool for every blogger. It’s a writing tool that will make your writing experience smooth and easy. You can install a Chrome Extension on your browser and it will start working. You can also go for a premium version but the free tool also works pretty fine.

It will tell you your grammar mistakes, punctuation mistakes and also your spelling mistakes. So, you will not have to worry much about the mistakes that you commit because Grammarly will tell you and rectify them too.

2. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a keyword resear5ch tool that comes totally free. And, it is quite a premium tool but Niel Patel has made it completely free. You cannot consider a hundred percent accuracy here but it is better than any of the free tools available on the Internet. You should check out our article on free keyword research tools.

It is one of the best free blogging tools to consider and pretty much necessary for every blogger. Why not use such a premium tool when it is coming for free.

3. Moz

Moz is one of the most trusted and free blogging tools that every blogger is aware of. If you want to check how powerful your domain name is in the eyes of search engines you should check its Moz rank. It tells you the domain and page authority of your blog. A domain with high authority tends to rank better in the search results.

Every website has its DA (Domain Authority) & PA (Page Authority) as 1 at the beginning and 100 is the highest number. Sites with high DA/PA are considered more reputed and trusted in the search algorithms. You should always keep checking your Moz rank and try to improve it.

4. Alexa

Now, this Alexa also comes from Amazon but it is not the Voice Assistant based device. This is called the Alexa ranking. Its a tool that is not free but you can always check your Alexa ranking for free. It tells you the ranking of a domain based on how much traffic it receives.

A website with Alexa Rank 1 is the most visited website on the Internet and it is Google. Popular websites like Google, Facebook, Youtube etc have an Alexa rank of 1 & 2. And, they are the most visited ones. So, you should always check what is the ranking position of your site based on the amount of traffic you are getting.

5. Google Analytics

it is a free tool from the very popular Google which tells you the analytics of your website. You will have to link your website with Google Analytics and then it will start analyzing your traffic. It will tell you demographic information, location wise data, device wise data and many more.

So, why not use such a fantastic tool. you can also a few plugins that will tell you the analytics on your WordPress Dashboard itself. Consider it one of the best free blogging tools and start using it.

6. Google Search Console

Don’t you want to know the ranking position for all your web pages? You can always check this by using the Google Search Console. Firstly, you will have to link your site there and submit a sitemap of your site. It will show the positions of all your ranked pages on Google.

This will help you understand the behavior of all posts and pages and change them as per search engine requirements. So, start using this free blogging tool and make your blog search engine friendly.

7. Canva

Canva is a free graphic tool that has almost every template that you will ever require. If you need any type of infographic you should always use Canva. Here you have a lot of free and paid templates for every type of graphic work.

You can make a logo, banner, thumbnail, infographic, social media post, etc. Why not use one of the best and free blogging tools for the purpose of blogging? You can also install the Canva app on your phone and start using it right away.

8. Small SEO Tools

Now, this is the best tool available for anything you want to do. It is just a website which you should visit and there are tonnes of services for bloggers for free.

You can get SEO services, Moz rank, imagse compression, Alexa ranking, HTML codes, sitemaps etc for free. This makes it a complete all in one solution for all your needs. You can also rewrite a particular post using this website. There is no particular reason why you should not use this free blogging tool.


So, these are the free blogging tools that will help in your blogging career. It can help you touch skies with your blog. And, not only these tools are free but they also give premium quality service.

We have been personally using these free blogging tools for years and they helped us a lot. So, what are you waiting for?

What are the free blogging tools that you consider the best?