My name is Dharmendra Kumar and I am the owner, founder and author of this blog“” where basically I used to publish articles based on jobs and career for youth of india and for those people who are willing to make his career after education etc.I am a full time YouTube creator and earn my complete Living & expenses from YouTube advertisement,affiliate marketing,sponsorship etc .

About my personal life: I was born in Rohtas district, Bihar. I am a father of one sweet baby girl and my daughter name is Manvi, she is 2 year old and I have my father ,mother, Sister ,wife, grandfather, grandmother  in my Joint family with 17 members, the main motto of my life is to help and support needed people rather than making huge money. My hobbies are playing with kids enjoying rain drops, love to swim in river, spend my time alone near mountains and Green Fields,I love village life and hate to crowdy places and city life.

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1 – Chandan Tiwari – Main Author of this blog , He is the person behind this blog who put his best efforts to provide the best possible information about any Job Profile  in terms of providing valuable  knowledge  about the Educational Qualifications , syllabus, salary structure , examination format , future scope and promotions in the job profile  . Here again i want to clarify that we are not any job or recruitment agency or expert  , our posts and articles are just only for common awareness about any job profile .

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Our Mission & Vision – This Blog has been created with a mission and vision to provide real knowledge to the students who are seeking to get jobs and career in after completing the educations, We cover all those expects which a student or candidate may think about , such as scope , eligibility criteria  , expected salary, syllabus and course , along with the sample and type of questions asked the the exam along with various kind of confusion which a candidate may have in his journey .

On this blog, before writing any post we go through a detail and depth research  about each and every post we are writing on this website. On this website , we will try our best to provide the best possible facts and figures about any article posted on this blog.