How to go Anonymous on Internet?

How to go Anonymous on Internet?
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Do you want to hide your identity while browsing the Internet? Then, here is what we have for you. You can go anonymous with these simple tricks. Here is how to go anonymous on the Internet.

Identity is something that you don’t want to reveal, not all the times but yeah sometimes. We3 understand that you don’t want to be hidden but we all need to hide sometimes. Let us suppose you are searching for something that you don’t want anyone to know about. You can go incognito but we assume that you also know the reality of these incognito options. They record your data but don’t show it to you. So, it’s okay if you can handle that but what if you are doing something serious which you don’t want anyone to know about.

Yes, things like this happen when we are very scared of our identity being revealed. It’s like doing something that Government does not want you to do. And, sometimes if you want to access a particular site which is banned in your country. We are not asking you to use proxies but to help you how to go anonymous as a whole and be hidden.

How to go Anonymous on the Internet?

STEP 1 – Use a VPN

Here is what you should do as a first step to use a secure VPN. Now VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. So, as the name suggests its a network that is private but virtually. It’s like creating your own personal network on the Internet. There are tonnes of VPN providers that you can use and all they do is create a tunnel between you and the server you are entering into. You can access sites that you aren’t allowed you to by switching to some other country.

So, this is what the first step is to go anonymous but its the most important one. And, sometimes even just using a VPN is kind of enough. If you are using some free VPN, they are not going to give you as much security as a premium one would do. So, make sure that you are not risking yourself with some free VPN.

STEP 2 – Go Incognito

Now, since you are using a good VPN, why not go incognito on your browser?  Yes, you can go incognito with any browser. It will give you added security now combined with the VPN. We do not recommend using Incognito mode to hide your identity. It just hid the records.

So, all you can do is hide your browsing history when you are already hidden with a  VPN. But remember that its second step after being anonymous. But, that’s not enough to go anonymous, let’s move ahead to the third step now.

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STEP 3 – TOR Browser

Until now, we told you how to go anonymous if you are just doing it for the fun but sometimes you are doing something very serious work. And, then you want to be seriously anonymous online. So, instead of using a normal browser you should use the Tor Browser. Its another level of security that will give you enough anonymously.

Tor browser keeps on bouncing your IP address and when you actually reach the server there are thousands of IPs already bounced. So, nobody knows which one is the exact IP making the request as there are thousands of IPs bounced one after another. This would give you a whole new level of security.

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You can use all these options to make yourself anonymous on the Internet. They all are kind of fantastic separately but what if combined together. You are browsing on incognito mode with a  VPN Turned on and that too with a Tor browser. Great isn’t it. You will not have to worry about your identity being revealed if you are using this method as we mentioned.

You can also use Proxies and Residential Proxies to get some additional security too.

Let us know your thoughts about how to go anonymous online in 2020?