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How to Make Money Using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk ? Why Indian workers are not accepted.

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Mturk(Mechanical Turk) is a service from Amazon which allows developers to integrate intelligence into remote procedure calls. Employers are able to post jobs known as Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs). A person completing a HIT might be asked to write a product description, respond to a mobile voice search query or choosing the best photographs of a storefront. To place jobs the requesting programs use an open application programming interface (API).
How Does it work?
To submit a request for tasks to be completed through the Amazon Mechanical Turk website, a requester must provide a billing address in one of around 30 approved countries.
Turk workers are paid for each successfully completed HIT.
Amazon gets the profit by charging the requester 20% of the price of a successfully completed HIT. HITs with 10 or more assignments will be charged an additional 20% fee. The minimum fee is $0.01 per assignment.
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Amazon chooses the name Mechanical Turk for their web service because the human intelligence is hidden from the end user to make the service seem automated.
Reading instructions carefully to complete the HITs correctly is very important else you won’t get paid for it. After accepting the HIT if you find it not worthy you have the option to return it.
Building a reputation for a successful HIT is very important to get the higher paying HITs options.
If you find anything not worthy available such as $0.50 just hit the refresh button again and again until you get a good offer because opportunities change every time you refresh the page.
Amazon keeps the track of how much you earned with Mechanical Turk and sometimes some of the requesters do not pay you immediately. This earning will be shown you in your Amazon back office.
These earnings can be converted into Amazon gift cards or you can get paid cash in your attached bank account depending on your choice.

My Words:
If you are in need of some extra money Amazon MTurk is quite a good option to earn money by sitting at home although it cannot be a great choice of your main earning source because the tasks on Mturk is very cheap so to earn a sufficient money you need to take more tasks and the charges Amazon takes on it is quite high with some additional charges on 10 or more assignments.
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