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How to recover deleted data from pen drive or memory card

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If you have some important data in your memory card and you forgot your memory card password latter on you formatted your phone , or trying to use your locked memory card in other phone or computer , then it will ask for unlock code in mobile and it will also not open in computer.Hence, In order to recover the data , dont worry you need to under go through the following steps:

  • Removing / Resetting password Procedure –   This trick is only applicable to micro sd chip .In this process first of all you need to format your memory card and after that you will be able to recover deleted data from the formatted memory card by using a data recovery software. But when you try to format your memory card from your phone , you may not get the option to format the memory card. Hence , please ask your friends and family members who have Nokia symbian phone , which have micro sd card slot. Phones like nokia 5800 , 5230 , 5233 , etc has micro sd card slot , hence insert your locked memory card in to any Symbian phone and go to memory card options ,it will also ask for unlock code but you cancel it and go to memory card options , you will defiantly find the option to format your memory card ,  format the memory card once . you will find that your memory card password is removed.and now follow the below mentioned process to recover the deleted data from your memory card.
  • Data Recovery procedure from a pen drive or memory card –  By this process you will be able to recover all your deleted data even you had formatted the pen drive or memory card. First of all  install any data recovery software on your computer , I had shown here all the steps in the video with step by step procedure , I had used icare data recovery software , its trial version is free with some limitation , if your data is less you can do it by its free version .Install the software on your system , Don’t Register it use free version , insert your memory card or pen drive in to the usb port of your computer and follow the process of data recovery as shown in the video.

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