Manual Ads will not be Allowed Now – Adsense Update

Manual Ads will not be Allowed Now – Adsense Update
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Google Adsense will not allow Manual Ads on Blogs and Websites from October 27th onwards. And, all of you who are using these Manual Ads shall understand its effect on your blog or website.

Google Adsense is the biggest Ads network and almost every blogger r5elies on it as its major source of revenue. They keep on making some changes to their policies and rules. So, if you are a user of their product you should keep a track of these policies and make necessary arrangements from time to time.

This time again they made a new change which will have major effect on most of the Adsense users. And, it will be effective from October 27th onwards.

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What’s the Matter?

If you are using Google Adsense Ads on your blog then you can create an ad unit and can manually place it anywhere on your website. But, now after this policy being introduced, you will not be allowed to create such ad units.

But, the biggest matter is of Auto Ads. As a blogger, you can also enable Auto ads and Adsense will automatically show ads on your blog depending upon the content and pages. It happens automatically, there is n0 control on it because all you do is click on a single button and it starts showing ads automatically.

But, now after this policy is effective, if you are using Auto Ads, Adsense will not serve any Manual Ads on your blog or website. This policy makes it easy for you to enable the Auto Ads and do not need to place any Manual Ads anywhere. It is kind of a good policy decision for those who are abusing the Adsense network. There are a lot of people who are using both Auto Ads and Manual Ads simultaneously. And, now they won’t be able to do it.


So, Google is taking another step pof closing down the Manual Ads system. They are just doing it in aphase manner where nobody feels it like a big step. Initially, they have just asked you to use Auto Ads only but as the time progresses, they are going to completely phase it out.

So, be prepared for completely automated Ads network and stop using Manual Ads from immediate time.

What are your thoughts about Manual Ads being stopped?