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What is facebook freebasics & how it is against net neutrality Complete story .

What is facebook freebasics & how it is against net neutrality Complete story .
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Freebasics is actually nothing but a new name of internet.org in india , after getting disappointed from the problem in launch of internet.org in india , Mark zukerberg offered Indian public with a new name & new website know as freebasics.in , if any one still open internet.org in his browser in india he will be redirected to freebasics.in

So what actually is freebasics – According to new business launched by facebook ceo & founder Mark Zukerberg , He says that internet should reach in every corner of world , i.e every village , each poor person , and it can be done if we will make internet free of cost , if internet will be free it can be used by every poor people who cant afford internet cost . Ok every thing is correct if it will be condition free , but Mr Mark zukerberg has put two condition on his good initiative .

Condition 1 – Only those websites can be accessed free of cost which has tie up with them & when any website tie up with facebook freebasics then he would have to pay huge amount of fees & The amount is so huge that it can only be paid by big ventures and internet companies , in this condition customers will have to purchase internet data plan from the internet service provider , and it is also very clear that only capitalist  website will be accessed such as ecommerce giants , which are not a prime need of those poor peoples , but the will acess websites like job portals , educational sites , university websites which will not be free .

Condition 2 – For accessing free websites from your internet service provider , it is mandatory for your isp to get tie up with freebasics , in india Reliance cdma has tie up with freebasics , hence you need to purchase a sim card or internet connection from that isp who has tie up with facebook freebasics.

Problems if Freebasics is allowed in india –

1 – capitalist will become more rich  and beginners and startups entrepreneur’s will have to struggle a lot , since in india there is a huge demand of those things which are free , in such case people will prefer to access those websites which are free hence it will be a great for captilist but at the same time a problem for new startups.

2 – Visitors will have to purchase extra datapacks or sim cards or internet connection which will be costlier .

3 – In future when freebasics will become popular like facebook , the may charge small amount as well.

4 – A stage will come when internet companies will decide which websites you prefer to access.

 Hence it will be against net neutrality & the freedom of internet for a common man hence please save the internet by responding to TRAI & govt of india via email .

If mark zukerberg really wants to spread internet to poor’s and every corner of the world he should mak every website free.

Watch this video for more clearance in hindi.

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