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What is Google Glass ? Features & Working With Video in Hindi

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Innovation and Google both are parallel to each other. Google always comes up with a new and an innovative idea and Google Glass is in one of them. It can be called Project Glass of Google. It is a head-mounted display device which is used for audio, video chatting, email, GPS and weather report. It can be run through an app called glassware which is optimized for this device because it is an Android operating system. Users can control this device through voice command.
Amazing Sleek Design: It is commendable that how the team has managed to inbuilt all the features in such a sleek and thin design and successfully able to make it computer supported and light weight. It has a very flexible design which makes it handy, comfortable and unbreakable. This Google Glass is inbuilt with WI-FI, Bluetooth, speaker, camera, microphone and a touch pad. When you slide the touchpad onwards it will show you the past events just like a normal smartphone and when you slide it backward it will show you the present events. It can be easily adjusted on any one’s face and look like a casual eyewear.

The Voice Command: Google Glass has the voice command feature which makes it more interesting at the same time very easy to use. The inbuilt microphone in it connects you directly to search engine. To activate the command you just need to say ‘OKAY GOOGLE’ and then give your command.

Map Feature: The map navigation feature in Google Glass will take you away with the problem of looking at your smartphone again and again, which is especially helpful while you are driving. Along with the normal map navigation feature Google Glass also has the interior map navigation feature, it will navigate you for indoors as well but for that, it has to be connected with (GPS+WIFI) to catch the location.

Photos and Videos: With the inbuilt camera you can always capture the moment as stills or videos. Sometimes when we want to capture any moment we start searching for our phones and cameras by the time we miss that moment but now you can always live the moment by saying a simple line ‘Take a Photo’ and photos will be captured. No doubt there is no comparison of the camera with the professional DSLR cameras but there is some time in your life when you don’t want to miss that moment this will be a great way to capture that moment. With this camera, you can make 720p HD videos inserted in it.

Color Options & Design: Google Glass is available in 5 colors (Shale, Tangerine, Charcoal, cotton, and sky). Google is consulting to many eyewear companies for it’s look and design. The frame can be separated from the hardware part and can be attached to another frame.

Wink Feature: Google has added a new feature in Google Glass which is called ‘Wink Functionality’ previously this feature was not there but later on Google added this feature to make it more consumers friendly and attractive. With this Wink functionality, you can take photos and videos just with a wink.

Live Feature: With this feature, Google Glass will give you the live updates in your day to day life like if you want to know a live updates of your favorite game you can easily get the information with Google Glass. If you are going out for some urgent work and don’t want to get stuck in the traffic you can ask Google Glass for the latest update of the traffic, this feature will exactly work like current news feeds. This can make your life quite easier.

Third Party Feature: Google Glass is totally dependent on the Wi-Fi or mobile connectivity to work. When you are out of the Wi-Fi coverage area pairs it with your mobile to operate your mobile through Google Glass.

My Words On It:
This is an amazing innovation of Google which can change the scenario in the world of smartphones. Google Glass is also available on online stores like Amazon and eBay but it is on a bit expensive side so only selected consumer category will be able to purchase it.