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10 Helpful Apps Every YouTuber Must Have in 2022

10 Helpful Apps Every YouTuber Must Have in 2022
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A smartphone is the only thing that is with us all day. And if you are someone who wants to build your strong presence on social media, your phone is the go-to device to perform most of your tasks. So here are the best top 10 helpful apps every YouTube must have in 2022.

10 Helpful Apps for YouTubers

No matter how powerful a PC you own, you can’t travel with it all the time. You need some portable and handy device through which you can do all your tasks.

Having a slim laptop can also do your job perfectly, but it can’t replace a smartphone in terms of portability and usability. You should not underestimate your smartphone because it has some amazing apps to get your job done.

1. YouTube App

The official app of YouTube is not only meant for watching videos. If you are a YouTuber, you can do a lot of things with the same. You can upload videos, create shorts, edit metadata of your videos, reply to comments in your videos, do a live stream, and a lot more things.

Many a time, you will experience the YouTube app easy-to-use in comparison to the YouTube Studio dashboard on a computer. Obviously, the desktop version of Creator Studio has a ton of options and tools but if you want your smartphone to get the job done, you can very easily perform the basic tasks required to upload and manage videos on the go.

2. YT Studio App

YT Studio is the mobile version of the advanced YouTube Studio dashboard on the desktop. It shows you the overall performance of your channel on the home screen with the functionality of accessing the whole analytics and videos.

You can edit your published videos, make them unlisted or private, change thumbnails, and reply to the comments received in your videos. The analytics section of this app is quite impressive and it gives a lot of data about your channel to understand how it’s going and what you should do as suggested by the overall performance of your channel.

3. Kinemaster

Most of the new creators think that we need to have a high-end PC to edit our videos professionally. But the reality is somewhat different. Nowadays there are numerous mobile video editing apps that have all the important features required to edit a good video.

Kinemaster is the favorite mobile video editor of most YouTubers and video creators. You can edit vlogs, cinematic videos as well as shorts in this app by adding effects, transitions, sound effects, and music.

It has many advanced options like Chroma Key and Keyframe Animation which many of the mobile video editors don’t have, so it’s a must-have app for editing videos professionally on your smartphone.

4. PixelLab Picture Editor

Everyone clicks on your videos first by viewing the thumbnail. And to make an eye-catching thumbnail, there are many professional graphic designing software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Many of the new YouTubers don’t have access to these software, and many want some alternative apps on their phones.

PixelLab is a very easy-to-use app which has very limited options in comparison to Photoshop and others, but it serves the purpose of making good thumbnails very well. You can add text and graphics, draw on top of your images, remove the background of your photos, and easily design a YouTube thumbnail in some minutes.

5. TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is originally a browser extension for YouTube creators which helps to do keyword research for YouTube tags, create on-the-go thumbnails and get insights about YouTube channels. Now, its mobile app is also available which has almost all the features from the extension.

You can very easily find out SEO-friendly tags for your videos. You just need to type one keyword regarding your video, and you’ll be suggested more tags that are similar to your video topic. It has many more features like tag rankings, live subscriber count, comment moderation, social share, and channel milestones.

6. Social Blade Statistics

As the name suggests, Social Blade is an app that allows you to keep track of the stats of your YouTube channel or any of your favourite YouTube channels. Not only for YouTube, but it also provides statistics of twitch channel, Instagram handle, and Twitter profiles.

You can use Social Blade to analyse the channels of your favourite creators and learn from them. It helps to observe what others are doing, what type of content people are engaging in the most, and what you need to improve or follow in order to grow your YouTube channel or other social media profile.

7. Canva App

Canva is nowadays a very popular graphic design online tool which allows you to design social media creatives, YouTube channel art, thumbnails, and other graphics with a very easy-to-use interface. Many graphic designers have started to use Canva for their client works also, keeping even Photoshop aside.

You will get free templates on Canva which you can edit and design yours with endless creative possibilities. It does have a premium version, but you can use it for free also.

8. Easy Voice Recorder

Every phone has a voice recorder app, but default apps lack some advanced options. Easy Voice Recorder is a voice recording app which also keeps recording in the background when the phone screen is off. This feature might be helpful for you if you record audio for comedy videos, vlogs, and interviews.

This app also has a pro version which has features like uploading new recordings automatically on Google Drive or Dropbox, recording using a Bluetooth microphone, trimming recordings, and removing unwanted sections. It is exactly what the name says, an easy-to-use audio recorder.

9. Lexis Audio Editor

Many a time, audio recordings have some noise from the surroundings which can distract the listeners from concentrating on your content. Lexis Audio Editor has the options of noise reduction and other sound editing effects like normalization, compressor, and changing the tempo, speed and pitch.

You can also record audio with this app. It has all the options for audio editing like cut, copy, paste, trim, delete, fade-out, fade-in, insert silence, etc. You can also save your audio files in different file formats in this app.

10. Open Camera

In comparison to a smartphone camera, people use professional cameras because they allow recording videos with interchangeable lenses and manual settings. And if you want to get the most out of your smartphone camera, recording in manual settings can get the best output. But many default camera apps don’t have those features, and here comes the use of the Open Camera app.

Open Camera has all the features through which you can manually adjust every setting and record your videos with the best quality. Many default camera apps also don’t support an external microphone, but the Open Camera does, which is very useful for YouTubers.

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