About Us

My Smart Support is a blog dedicated to YouTubers or Video Creator on Youtube plateform . I publish genuine & verified authentic all news & updates of Youtube on this blog and also on my official youtube channel – My Smart Support.  Today on internet 99% of of online money making ideas are not genuine & authentic hence lot of beginners’ waste their time & hard work and don’t earn even any single Pennie. Hence keeping this problem in my mind i had tried to explore the most genuine & trusted ways available for earning online is explained step by step via regular post & all topics are written after practically facing the real scenarios.

The founder of this blog is – Dharmendra Kumar , A professional Youtuber & Blogger from last 10 years . A part from this blog i run a youtube channel named as – My Smart Support

This Blog contents posts regarding – Blogging , Search Engine Optimization , Youtube Channel , Android App Development & Stock market etc .

All the content writers are dedicated to provide most valued and researched content for the viewers which add value to viewers in every manner , who are willing to learn something in the world of making money online.

Our Mission & Vision – The main aim of this blog is to show correct and accurate path in the journey of online earning , who are misguided by the wrong and false information given on internet via website & youtube channels . Here in this blog we provide our personally experienced case studies and tips in my journey of online earning in past to todays youtuh and interested persons.