Top 8 Best Android Games under 200 MB

Top 8 Best Android Games under 200 MB
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Do you have a less powerful smartphone but still want to enjoy top-class gaming? Guess what, we have a list of the best Android Games under 200MB covered for you. So, stay tuned and you will enjoy the gaming experience that you want.

Gaming is one of the fastest-growing industries right now and the best thing is that the standards are rising at ina quick pace. there was a time when we used to play snacks and ladder-type games on our smartphones. But, nowadays smartphones are getting better and better and games are getting more exciting. So, why not start playing games that you deserve and take your gaming experience to a whole new level with these best Android games under 200MB.

Since the growth of PUBG, we have a lot of popular games but we are not covering those games that you are aware of. We dug in and found out some games that are not so popular but are absolutely fabulous.

Best Android Games under 200 MB

1. Stormblades

This is one of the best Android Games under 200MB not because it has no size but due to the graphics that it gives. You will forget that this game is of such a less size. And, the action that it has is just amazing. Yes, it’s an action-oriented game for mobiles with less capability. You won’t believe how amazing the graphics actually are considering the whole game being offline and in such a less special consumption. A player holds the blade and fights monsters at every stage and it becomes difficult as you progress. This game is worth trying for those who want a story-based game and love action.

The best thing is that the game is well optimized for all the devices and gives you zero lag. So, you will not only enjoy the game but also feel a smooth experience. It feels very classic and vintage. You can enjoy the whole game with an increasing level of difficulty based on the progress you make.


2. Off the road

It is again one of the best Android games under 200 MB and is meant for those who like off-roading. Well, you can guess it by the name itself but it’s worth trying. The game is quite light at only 144 Mb and gives you A Grade graphics. But, something more exciting is the missions that you get. So, if you like challenges then here is the game for you. And, you have a lot of vehicles here to choose from ranging from cars, trucks, boats, helicopters, and many more.

So, why not try this amazingly awesome game which works offline and gives you missions. Not limited to this but the challenges are even more exciting. Once you start playing this game, you are going to absolutely love it. And, the HD Graphics give you an absolute real experience too.


3. Unlimited Robot Fights

If you are a person who likes action-oriented games then here is one of the best Android Games under 200 MB with an action-based storyline. Yes, we are bluffing here. This game is an action game with a story that is under 200 MB. And, it gives you surprisingly real graphics. All in all, this is an offline game. You don’t need the data connections and you will get almost every feature that online games offer.

Robots are always considered an attraction in the world of games and you are getting it for mobiles that are not so powerful and can enjoy amazing graphics. Most of the games give you almost everything but they don’t have a story and it makes them boring. But, this is not the case with this game as you get a storyline to follow. It keeps you interested throughout the game and enjoys it.


4. Rival Gear Racing

Do you like car racing games? And, if you do like such games then why haven’t you tried this game. It is the Best Car Racing Game out there and is also very small in size and compatible with less powerful devices. And, this makes it one of the best Android Games under 200 MB. You can enjoy this car racing game on all your mobile phones with amazing graphics. One thing that you should note is that this game is online which keeps you tracking all the time.

And, after all these features there are different modes here in this game. It has events that you can enter and enjoy. You can participate in different events and compete with real people because of online functionality. And, not only that, there are different modes too with story mode and game mode that you can choose. Who doesn’t like a car racing game with so many options?


5. Driving Zone 2

If you do not like the earlier car racing game or just want another option in the car racing game then here we have another game for you. It’s not an ordinary car racing game that you will get but there is a huge difference that makes it unique. Firstly, it is very lightweight and can be easily downloaded. Then, it is totally offline, So you don’t have to worry about the Internet connection or anything like that.

But, these are not the only features of this game. One thing that makes it totally different from any other game in this list of Best Android Games under 200 MB is graphics. You cannot believe that it’s a game by looking at the graphics. There are 3D Graphics that give you a real-life experience. It looks very real and feels like a movie but no it’s just a game. So, if you consider yourself a gamer then this game is a must for you.


6. Contract Killer

If you like Story-based games then here is the best game that you will love. By the name itself, you can imagine what this game has to offer and it is totally worth the hype. It’s a first-person game where you have to perform some missions. The gameplay itself is so addictive that you can’t resist. And, contract killing makes you the killer where your mission is just to kill the enemy. Here you can do some combat and shooting to complete your missions.

It’s a story-based game that gives you an amazing gameplay experience to enjoy. Graphics are very real and HD which makes the total difference. One more thing that makes it real is that this game is online. You get your missions as you progress and it gets harder and harder to achieve as you progress. So, it’s a must-try game if you like shooting and story-based games as this one is a combination of both.



Before there was PUBG or any other popular game for mobile users, the BADLAND used to be the best game out there. It is very low in size and compatible with almost every smartphone even if it is less powerful. The graphics are so real that you will love it and the sound effects make it even more realistic. There is a bird that you have to take ahead facing a lot of difficulties. These difficulties become more difficult as you progress.

It feels very basic but it is not. And, it gets very addictive as you progress. Only a few people complete this game fully and it takes months for them to do it. There are different levels differentiating one another with a few basic differences and making the game addictive. If you like challenges then you can start playing this game and definitely consider it one of the best Android games under 200 MB.


8. Shadow Fight 2

Now, coming to last but not the least in the list, we have a shadow fight which is another action-based fighting game but it’s very different from others. The graphics are quite amazing and you will fall in love with this game. It has different martial art techniques which make it a game-changer and absolutely the best Android game.

There are a lot of weapons in there that you have to use to defeat the enemy. And, these weapons combined together with the martial art techniques look very beautiful. With these powers and animated martial art techniques, you can humiliate your enemy. And, one thing that you should consider is that this game is very addictive.


A few more Android games that you should consider are:

  • Crazy Taxi
  • Criminal Case
  • Asphalt Nitro
  • Unkilled etc.


So, these are the best Android games under 200 MB that you can consider playing. We haven’t included your regular games which are popular in the market but some unique games. You get a whole new range of games to start playing and enjoy them. These games will give you a totally new experience and enhance your gaming experience.

We tried to cover different categories for the best Android games under 200 MB. There are action-based fighting games, strategy-based, story-based, online, offline, racing games, etc. If you want a simple game to love then Badland is the perfect option to choose from. Driving Zone 2 and Contract Killer are other games that you love playing.

Which one is your favorite game from the list of “best Android games under 200 MB”?