How to Recover deleted data photo video using data recovery software from phone desktop or laptop

How to Recover deleted data photo video using data recovery software from phone desktop or laptop
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if you are looking for a data recovery software or application for recovering your lost or formatted or deleted data like photos videos folder PDF documents Excel sheet etc. Then obviously you had reached at correct destination and here in this article I will guide you properly how to recover your deleted Or lost data from your computer tablet laptop smartphone or any memory card flash drive or pen drive.

Here you will get the step by step procedure with demo how to recover your valuable data. there are certain scenarios in which a person lost or Delete his data.

1- Accidental delete from Recycle Bin – There are not many time when I we are searching or doing or work on our computer or smartphone but by mistake we don’t think that any valuable staff is stored in this folder or that desktop we automatically delete it and even empty the recycle bin ,  after few moment we get memorize that there was something Very important document or photo or video which I had deleted even out from the recycle bin in this case don’t worry use the recommended software and Jewel get your document or photo or video completely within a minute.

2 – Format drive disk or memory – This is the second most scenario where people directly format they are memory card flash drive or pen drive or even computer desk directly without thinking that something valuable is available here in the drive in such scenarios they are used data and we think that it cannot be recovered so we take lot of tension but in this tutorial I had explain the full process to recover your complete data.

3 – Memory or file  corrupt repair – In several cases refined that while shooting or videos or while copying due to  power failure, device damage overheating shutdown restart in such scenarios our valuable video files like PDF document slcs or image get corrupted and unable to open those files so we need to repair it and the best option is this Data repair aur recovery software will immediately solve the solve the corrupt file problem and you can easily open it and access your file.

4 – Device damage – Sometime it happens that your laptop tablet or smartphone get damage physically and due to which the device does not open or restart in such cases it is not possible to access the data inside the phone or laptop in such cases also our data recovery software can easily recover the complete Data from that damage mobile phone or laptop or whether that is tablet the condition is that the hard disc or memory card inside that device should not get damaged if it is not damage then we have to connect that device into our software via another laptop and click on search and once you find your access data then you have to recover it.

5 – Lost partition data recovery –  we also find that few people while making partition to their disc or Drive some error occur while creating the partition whether that is your Windows laptop or Mac in both cases your valuable data will not be accessible if your device is not properly Partition. hens in such cases this data recovery software is very useful in recovering your complete data safely from a corrupt or lost partition from disc or Drive.

Process of  Recovery the Data – In order to recover the data unit to download and install a software which is Free for downloading named as – wondershare Recover it 

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Once you downloaded  this software you need to install it and update it to the latest version on your Windows computer or laptop. it’s supports windows 7 windows 8 Windows 10 Windows 11. remember this is a trial version which is free for downloading only and installation. even you can scan your device Memory card disc drive phone laptop and after scanning is completed you would be able to preview your lost or delete. 

 if you are able to find your  lost data in preview after quick scan or complete scan you would be promoted to recover it. while recovery process you would be asked to purchase the software because in free version only Preview is available, hence in order to recover your complete data back you need to buy any of the  licence.

once you purchase it then within a minute you would be able to recover your complete date  on your desktop or where you want to save your data

guys I hope that this is a very valuable post for you and by reading this post you would be able to successfully recover your complete loss data from your device whether that is a laptop Desktop tablet or mobile phone whether that is any image photo video documents like PDF file Excel sheet PPT presentation etc.