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How Easy is YouTube to Make Money in 2022? Beginner’s Guide

How Easy is YouTube to Make Money in 2022? Beginner’s Guide
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We all watch a ton of YouTube videos daily and often think of making videos of our own. But when we look at the number of creators out there, we forget the wish of becoming a YouTuber because of the competition.

Is there really stiff competition? Can you not grow a new YouTube channel now? All of these questions and your doubts will be discussed here, and we’ll try to find out exactly how easy is YouTube to make money in 2022?

Prerequisite to Become a YouTuber

Before answering how to become a YouTuber, let’s first discuss the prerequisites—what prior knowledge is required or what gadgets you should have in order to become a new video creator. If you have a smartphone and internet connection, you’re ready to go.

Don’t try to copy the already famous YouTubers, which camera they’re using, or what video shooting space they’re using. They have accumulated all their resources in years, and you would too. But you’ve to start somewhere, and your smartphone can do all your tasks. You can record, edit and even upload your videos in just a few clicks through your smartphone.

And if we talk about the skills required to become a YouTuber, you can learn everything throughout time. If you have the basic speaking skills that can make your viewers understand your content, that’s it.

Start making videos and learn from other creators. There are numerous video tutorials on YouTube for everything you want to learn— video editing, thumbnail designing, script-writing, video shooting, audio editing, watch them and practice by making your own videos regularly.

Learning to Edit Videos

Learning Phase

If you are a complete beginner, the learning phase can go for 2-3 months for a better understanding of the video creation process. As I mentioned, you will get to watch video tutorials of almost everything you want to learn. The main thing here is your dedication to learning and practicing.

Many people think that first I will learn everything and then start making videos. Don’t chase perfection from the very first day. Start with whatever you have, keep learning, and improve your craft with time.

There are many things to be considered in video creation. Don’t just focus on quality content, and ignore the other important things like the video editing, thumbnail, and title of your videos. You should focus on the overall packaging of the content because that’s what is going to stand out in an ocean of videos available to watch for your potential viewers.

Earning Phase

Every new YouTuber has this one question, how much time will it take to start earning from a new channel. And its answer depends on you, your videos, and your consistency. If you upload regular videos for 6-8 months, your channel might start to gain some traction which will help you to monetize the same.

Your consistency in the initial 6-8 months makes the biggest impact on the growth of your channel. Try to upload your first 100 videos without thinking of how many views and subscribers you’re getting. Focus on your efforts because that’s the only thing that you can control. And when your channel starts getting a few thousand views on every video, you’ll start making money from YouTube.

How Easy is YouTube to Make Money?

The very first way to earn money from YouTube is the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). When your channel completes 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months, you can apply for this monetization program. After being accepted on YPP, some advertisements will be shown along with your videos and you’ll be paid for that.

YouTube Ad formats

YPP usually pays for the number of ads played along with your videos, and so the earning depends on your views. If you want to increase your YouTube earnings, you should look for direct brand collaborations and sponsorships. There are many brands that are seeking influencer marketing campaigns and promotions, and you can charge them for promoting them on your videos because you are now a social media influencer.

Apart from brand endorsements, you can make money from affiliate marketing. It is a great way to earn passive income where you get a commission for every sale your audience makes through the affiliate links provided by you. If you are making a video about some product, you can place an affiliate link of the same in your video description with the hope that they would buy the same product.

Amazon Affiliate Program is a great way to get started with affiliate marketing. The account opening process is very easy, and after activation of your affiliate account, you can very easily generate affiliate links to share with your viewers. And whosoever makes a purchase by clicking your link, you’ll get a fixed commission.


YouTube Partner Program, Brand endorsements, and affiliate marketing are some of the popular earning methods from a YouTube channel, but you can always extend yours by making your online store, selling merchandise and digital products.

So if we have to conclude this discussion, it’s quite easy to make money from YouTube; you just need to work hard smartly in the initial 6-8 months and upload videos regularly. Make the habit of uploading videos consistently on a specific niche, and you’ll be the next YouTube star in some years. All the best, wish you a happy journey. Thanks!

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