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How to Create Your First Video on YouTube? 7 Steps to Make YouTube Vlogs

How to Create Your First Video on YouTube? 7 Steps to Make YouTube Vlogs
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YouTube has changed a lot in recent years, and so have the creators who make videos on YouTube. Now everyone’s videos seem so professional that an aspiring creator can only think to make videos like them. And if you also want to become a video creator, here are 7 steps to create your first video on YouTube.

How to Create Your First Video on YouTube?

The very first thing you need to do before making videos is to create your channel and decide a specific category on which you’ll be creating videos. This is very important for you because if you have already specified your niche then you will not have to think about regular video topics.

Many new YouTubers face a problem where they are out of video topic ideas after some initial videos. And if you don’t want to face the same issue then you’ve to be clear with what kind of topics will be making videos on. For example, you decided that your channel will be based on personal finance or say fitness; whatever it is you should think of it as early as possible.

1. Decide a Video Topic

If you are aware of the niche of your channel then deciding on a video topic is very easy. You now have a list of ideas based on your channel’s niche, you just have to select when a particular topic is to be discussed in a video.

For example, if your channel is based on personal finance then you can decide a topic for your video about saving money, investing, loans, credit cards, etc. You have multiple choices, just make videos on each topic one by one.

2. Prepare a Script

After selecting a topic for your YouTube video, now you should think of what information you will discuss in your video and you can write a script for the same. Many people write their scripts word to word, how they will speak in the video; and some just pen down the important points they are going to talk about in their videos.

Whatever style of scripting suits you and your video topic, go for it. But don’t underestimate the importance of noting down points before recording your videos because it helps in smooth production of the same.

Let’s say, in the middle of your recording, you forget the most important information you wanted to give in your video; so having a script helps you to look at the main points and make a great video with every information you want to share with your audience.

3. Choose a Video Recording Space

Everyone doesn’t have a professional video shooting setup, but you can also record your videos in your home. You just need to choose a quiet place with good lighting conditions, and you are ready to start recording your video.

Video Shooting Setup

Many people also don’t want to or they don’t have a good space to record videos at home. No worry, you can go to a park, a playground, or any other outdoor place which is somewhat quiet and you can record your video in bright daylight without thinking of lighting conditions.

4. Press Record

If you have a video camera or DSLR, set up that with a tripod or you can also record your video with the smartphone camera. Check for the background frame of the video, press the record button, and speak to the camera about whatever you are going to tell the viewers.

You can also shoot your videos hand-held, so don’t think a tripod like a necessity. If you have a budget, then I would highly recommend you to purchase a basic lavalier microphone because the audio quality is very important no matter how bad your video resolution is.

5. Edit the Video

Now you have your video footage, import that in any video editing software that you use on your PC or are familiar with. If you have recorded your video on your smartphone, and want to edit it on the same then install any video editing mobile app like Kinemaster, InShot, PowerDirector, etc., and then import the video footage in the timeline and start editing.

Video Editing for YouTube

  • If you are a complete beginner and don’t know the ABCs of video editing, you can watch tutorials on YouTube.
  • There are numerous videos on YouTube about video editing tutorials for beginners for every video editing software/app available in the market.
  • Watch them, learn and try to edit yours; video editing skill becomes better with practice so keep making videos and you’ll soon be a great video editor.
  • After editing the video, you need to export the final video file you’ll upload on your YouTube channel.
  • If the video file is saved with a random filename, rename it with something related to your video topic.
  • Now you’re ready to upload this video on your YouTube channel.

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6. Create a Thumbnail

Thumbnail is the image that you see on YouTube clicking upon which the video gets played. If your thumbnail is good enough to attract people and make them click on it, then you’ll get more viewers.

Most of the top creators use Adobe Photoshop to design their YouTube thumbnails, and you can also use the same software if you have access to and knowledge about it. And if not, then you can definitely create a thumbnail on your smartphone. There are many apps like PixelLab and Canva which are very easy to use and you can make thumbnails for your videos.

7. Upload and Publish the Video

Now you’re ready to upload the video on your channel. You have many options for uploading videos, you can upload your video through the YouTube app, YouTube Website, or YouTube Studio dashboard. Everywhere you’ll get to see a ‘+’ icon, click on it, select your video file and the video will get uploaded.

As the video gets uploaded, now you have to type a title for the topic, a description, provide some keywords related to your videos in the tags section, and upload the thumbnail you just made in the thumbnail section. You can also add the video to any existing playlist you’ve created earlier or can create one.

And then if your channel is monetized, you’ll get the options for monetization settings. You can also add info cards and end screens to your video and then select the visibility option to ‘Public’ and click on Publish button.

Congrats, you’ve now successfully uploaded a video on your YouTube channel. Keep making regular videos and you’ll very soon get better at the video creation process. Thanks!

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