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How to Find New Topics for YouTube Videos?

How to Find New Topics for YouTube Videos?
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Nowadays anyone can make a YouTube channel and start creating videos. But what is not easy is to be consistent with video uploads, and the reason for the same may be not getting new video ideas on a regular basis. So here are 5 ways to find new topics for YouTube videos.

How to Find New YouTube Video Ideas?

When you create your channel, you have some plan about the content you wished to upload. And if you just started without any vision, no problem; you should now think of a specific thing that you wanna share content about.

The foremost and easiest way to get new topics for YouTube videos is to look at your expertise about anything that you know. Let’s say, you are good at mathematics then you don’t need to think of video ideas. As you specify to yourself what you are good at, your mind will have a never-ending list of topics you should make videos on.

You should first make videos on the topics that you want to talk about, and share information and your valuable experience with the people. And when you’re out of topics from your mind, then you should seek some other sources listed below.

1. Search Engine Auto-Suggestions

Google and YouTube are the top search engines used widely in the world. And these can be great sources for you to find new topics for YouTube videos.

Whenever you type to search for something on any search engine, most of them suggest you some keywords that people often search for. You can make your videos based on these auto-suggested topics.

For example, you make videos about online earning. And as you type “How to Earn Money from” on Google, it autocompletes the sentence with suggestions like “YouTube, Instagram, Stock Market, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media, Dropshipping, Freelancing” and some others. Now you have got some ideas like ‘How to Earn Money from Stock Market‘, ‘How to Earn Money from Freelancing’, etc. that you make videos about.

2. Similar YouTube Channels

On whatever topic you make videos on, you won’t be the only creator making videos on that specific topic. There might be many channels making similar content like yours. Analyze what they’re doing, what type of topics they’re covering on their channels, and what inspiration you can take from them and apply to your YouTube channel.

If there is a big channel making videos on the same topic as yours, you should watch their most-watched videos and if possible, make videos on the same topic but with updated information and in your own style. And there’s a very high chance that your video might be suggested by YouTube to the viewers watching the same topic video of that big channel.

3. Comments Section

The easiest way for a YouTuber to get connected with the viewers is through the comments section. You can know their reaction to your videos, how they’re feeling, what they’re thinking and what they’re demanding. Just read the suggestions your viewers are typing on the comments, and you’ll get a lot of new video topics which will also fulfill the demand side.

If your channel is small, and very few people comment then you can also spend some time in the comments section of channels that make similar content like yours. You can also get good videos ideas there, and then make videos on your channel.

4. Forums and Groups

You can also get a lot of new video topics for your YouTube channel through forums and social media groups related to the category of topics you make videos on. For example, if you make videos about trading and investing, you can join some forums and online groups regarding the same.

Many people write their problems, questions, and doubts in these forums, and you can take those queries and discuss them on your channel. The easiest way to grow a new channel is to help people with answers to their questions, and if you’ll make videos from their question shared on some forum or group people are surely gonna like it.

5. Niche Blogs and News

You should search for some niche blogs that only write posts on a single topic/niche and those topics should be similar to your videos. Follow and read them regularly, and you’ll get a lot of inspiration and ideas to make videos about.

Apart from following niche blogs that cater to a similar genre as your YouTube channel, you should also be updated with regular news. You will get a lot of trending topics regarding your niche that you can make videos on, and these videos have a higher chance of going viral or getting a lot of views because of their time-sensitiveness.

Google News is a great platform by Google which aggregates and shows news from different sources in an organized manner, even category-wise. If you are confused with which newspaper or media website to follow for genuine news, follow Google News and you’ll be updated with the latest news and trending topics related to the topics you cover on your YouTube channel.