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How to Get Noticed as a New YouTuber? Growth Tips for Small Channels

How to Get Noticed as a New YouTuber? Growth Tips for Small Channels
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Nowadays, there are millions of YouTube channels and the number is growing exponentially. And if you also want to start a YouTube channel then you might be thinking that how your channel will reach people when there are already many channels with a huge following. So here are some growth tips for small YouTube channels that will be effective to attract viewers and subscribers.

How to Get Noticed as a New YouTuber?

You have to be clear first that competition is in every field. In fact, there is never a right time to start something you should wait for. Everyone has something unique to offer, and you just need to identify that and make videos on the same if you want to grow your new YouTube channel.

There might be several channels creating content similar to what you’re thinking to create, but no one has the same style of presentation and personality as yours. People are going to watch your videos even if they have numerous options, only because of your uniqueness. So don’t think much about the competition and just start your channel and keep making videos following these simple tips.

1. Be Yourself

Your uniqueness is the first thing that defines who you are, and your viewers will recognize you because of that. Most of the aspiring YouTubers try to copy the already famous creators thinking that people will watch our videos also, but it’s not the right approach.

You don’t need to copy anyone. Just be yourself, be authentic and genuine who you really are. No one remembers the copy-cats, you have to have a differentiating factor if you want to get noticed as a new YouTuber.

And this doesn’t mean that if many creators are already famous in the tech category, then you can’t make videos on this. You can, and you should choose that category if you’re really passionate about that but your way of presentation and content delivery should always have something different in comparison to the rest of the content creators.

2. Be Authentic

Authenticity is something that should always be an essential trait of your personality, and your content also need to be authentic if you want to get noticed as a new YouTuber. You might have watched some videos whose thumbnails and title speak something different and the videos were something different.

If your initial viewers find your content not meeting what is being proposed in the thumbnails and title to the actual video content, then you’ll have a hard time getting viewers and subscribers. Create videos with genuine information and never think of some shortcut ways just to get some clicks and views because the first impression what viewers will get is going to decide your future in the field of content creation.

3. Create Quality Content

As per a report, more than 500 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute. So people have a lot of options to watch, but not all videos are of the same quality. Most of the creators avoid quality content just to focus on the quantity of videos.

And if you, as a new YouTuber, focus on quality it’s something that people are going to notice you. Quality doesn’t only mean the video resolution, but also the type of topics you choose to make videos on, the kind of thorough research you do before starting shooting the video, and then the production and post-production.

Everything matters and you should focus on the overall content quality keeping aesthetics, consistency, and your unique style in your mind. If a new person just watched your one video, then he should have something to recall whenever he watches your other video. And if you can create such an experience in the mind of your initial viewers, then your new channel will get viewers and subscribers too easily.

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4. Collab with Fellow Creators

After reaching a certain subscribers milestone, you should approach and make videos with fellow creators who make videos in the same category. For example, if you create videos about smartphones and gadgets then you can collab with some YouTubers who also make similar content. And this collaboration will help you to get relevant viewers from the channel with whom you are making videos.

And one important thing you should keep in mind is that no one is going to make a video with you if your channel is completely new with hundreds of subscribers. You should first focus on growing your channel to some extent where you have some regular audience that you can show to the fellow creator with whom you want to collab.

The top YouTubers won’t be interested initially, so start doing collaborations first with the creators who have the same number of subscribers as yours, and then you should approach the top creators.

5. Be Consistent

No matter what you do or how effective tricks you are following to grow your new channel, consistency is the key to all. No one is going to subscribe to your channel just by watching one or two videos. You have to upload regular videos so that the viewers have a strong reason to subscribe to your channel.

If you think of yourself and the channels you have subscribed to, you also have subscribed to them after watching their numerous videos. When you felt that those creators are providing the content regularly that you want to watch, then you have subscribed to them. And if you also want to grow your new YouTube channel, you should work according to the same phenomenon.

The only reason why new creators don’t create videos regularly is the fewer views that they get initially. But you also know that everyone has started from zero and you are doing the same.

So don’t think of the views and subscribers you’re getting in the initial few months, just keep making regular videos because consistency is something that makes people think of you and your content, no matter how small your channel is. And if you are successful in attracting people, then your new channel is soon going to be a household name. Keep making videos regularly. Thanks!

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