8 Ways to Make Money Online Easily 2022 without Skills

8 Ways to Make Money Online Easily 2022 without Skills
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Do you want to make money online without making any effort? Yes, it is possible. You heard it right, there are smarter ways of making money online.

Here we have 10 ways to make money online easily.

8 Ways to Make Money Online Easily

1. Be a Product Reviewer & make money online

Whenever I have to buy something I watch reviews first be it a small grocery item or something precious. Reviews are very informative for someone who is actually looking to buy a product.

You can be a product reviewer on Youtube or create a website for reviewing products. It can be started with the products that you actually own then when you start making money you can buy a few products just to review.

As your audience grows brands approach automatically to give you a review unit.

2. Be an App Reviewer & make money online

Similar to product reviews app reviews are also quite popular and people love to know about new apps that can do something new. and, if you are one who is curious about new applications then you can start telling others about these apps.

You can share your reviews on Youtube or your website and as your platform grows, brands will start paying you to get featured.

Earning money is easy by doing something that you already love doing.

3. Be a Mediator and make money online

Previously, I was asked to make an Android app by one of my clients. I accepted the order but I did not do it myself. I just found another person who made the app for me for just Rs 500. And, the amount that I charged to my client was Rs 3000. See the money that I made for doing nothing.

You can find the people that ask for some sort of job and the people who do that job. Meanwhile, you can earn a commission. There is a popular saying that you become rich by getting the work done not by working yourself.

4. Ask Questions on Quora & Make Money Online

Quora is a popular platform for seeking answers to your questions. And if there are answers that means it starts with questions. And, that was the problem Quora was facing. There were a lot of answers but only fewer questions. So, to solve this issue Quora started paying people to ask questions.

A few months ago, Quora sent me an invitation to their partner program and when I joined it I made $20 a month for asking questions. When I asked a question about how to double an amount of Rs 30000 in one month a lot of people responded and that single question fetched me $15.

5. Make Money by Shortening URLs

Shortening URL is a good way to make money and a lot of people shorten URLs and share those links and make money when an ad appears. It’s good but the amount that you get is too low for it.

And, if you want to make huge money then you can start your own URL Shortening website and take a full part of the earnings. It’s quite easy to create such a website. All you need is to create a website with a script that you can get for free and start making money with it.

Recently I saw a video where a guy shared that he makes money through a movie downloading website and to make revenue he uses his own link shortener. Great! isn’t it?

See that is how you make money on quora. You just ask questions and when people reply to your questions and others visit their answers you make money.

6. Make Money Online by Playing Games

And, if you think designing games is not the thing that you can do then you can even make money online by just playing games. Since the arrival of PUBG Mobile, there are a lot of people doing live streams on Youtube and earning good money.

You can be a gamer on live streaming platforms like Youtube and Twitch and make money online. Also, you can participate in gaming tournaments and earn a good reward plus sponsorships are always there.

And, one more way to make money is by conducting gaming tournaments and charging an entrance fee for a winning prize.

7. Do Microtasks on Amazon Turk

Amazon Turk is a popular platform to make money online and it is by the famous e-commerce giant Amazon. They ask people to do small tasks that a computer cannot do. It includes checking some spellings, filling captchas, or anything like translating a few product descriptions, etc.

You can go to the Amazon Turk website where you can register yourself and then start doing these small tasks. The good news is that it is now supported in India.

The amount you will make is not going to be that big but you can earn pocket money doing soma small tasks as a part-time job.

8. Domain Selling

do you know that you can make money just by buying and selling domains? Yes, you do not need to create a website or do anything but simply buy a domain and sell it for huge money.

A domain is the name of a website that appears on the browser as a URL. And, there are people who just buy a domain that can fetch a large audience and sell it when the time comes. What actually happens is that there are people who want a specific domain and if you know what it could be then you can buy it before they do it and then ask them for huge money.

A few years the back name of Gurgaon was changed to Gurugram and the guy who bought gurugram.com was paid a heavy amount for the sale of a domain.

All you need to do is keep an eye on the trend and buy the domains before others do and then you can sell them at your price. You may not get paid for every domain you buy but if you are able to sell a perfect domain you can get millions of dollars in your account.

Now they are plenty of other ways that you can search online but these are some of my personal favorites. And, I have seen people making money with these methods.