How to Make Passive Income in 2022

How to Make Passive Income in 2022
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We all have a very limited time in a day of 24 hours and you can make only a limited amount of money with this limited time. But, there comes the idea of making passive income. Here is a complete guide on how to make passive income in 2022.

Passive Income is something that we all aspire for but how to make passive income exactly is a lesser-known secret. Yes, it’s true that making money while you sleep is the only way to become rich unless you rob others as earning a salary income would give you a living only not richness. Here are some ways to make passive income in 2022.

Ways to Make Passive Income in 2022

1. Youtube Videos

There was a time when youtube was not so popular but now people search for anything and everything on Youtube only. And, it’s an advantage for those who create content i.e. in visual form. A video that you would upload today on Youtube is going to be there for years to come and whenever people would watch the video you have uploaded you will get a share of the revenue from it, isn’t it fantastic?

This is why Youtube is a very popular source of revenue for passive income. Creators like Ajay Nagar, Bhuvan Bam, and Tanmay Bhatt make more money from the videos that they have uploaded in the past than what they upload now.

2. Blogging

Blogging is nothing but writing. If you like writing then blogging is an amazing sword of magic for you. All you need to do is start your own blog and it will generate a lot of money for you. An article that you post today is going to be there for years to come and will generate traffic and money for you as it grows. This is what is called the magic of blogging.

The older a blog gets, has higher the chances of ranking in the search engines as long as it is relevant.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Making Money via Affiliate Marketing is as easy as doing nothing but it also requires a certain skill set. Whenever there is a sale made by you through an affiliate link, you get a certain amount of commission through it. Now, imagine you have an automated system through which your affiliate network is generating leads and fetching sales. This kind of system if working efficiently is going to make you rich for sure.

4. Stock Market

When it comes to making passive income in the stock market there are two popular ways

Dividend Income

The dividend is a part of the company’s profits that is paid back to its shareholders. It’s a reward for the shareholders to invest their money in the company. Let’s imagine you have 10,000 shares of a company that is paying a Rs 10/share dividend every year. This would amount to Rs 1,00,000 as dividend income a year, isn’t it a good amount of passive income?

Long Term Wealth

Apart from dividend income, real wealth is generated through the growth in stock price. If a share bought at a price of 100 grows to 1000 is real wealth. There is a popular saying that if the company is not paying dividends that means it would reflect in the stock price in terms of growth.

5. Course Development

Creating a course is no less than a gold mine in today’s era of the Internet where it would constantly generate money for you. A Well- designed and well-structured course that has the content necessary for the modern-day world is going to be there for years to come and it would keep on generating money out of a course designed years back.

6. E-Book Writing

Publishing a book is not an easy task but getting your e-book published is not that difficult. If you have your book ready, you can easily get its e-copy published on platforms like Instamojo, Amazon Kindle, etc. Once your book is published, for every sale you will get some revenue.

7. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is something where you purchase a product and deliver it to some other buyer for a profit. You are not actually buying anything here. All you are doing is receiving an order from the buyer and then placing another order from the place you are buying it.

So, it’s very clear that you are just dropping and shipping a product here in Dropshipping. Let’s make it even simple. You are buying a product and then selling it without actually buying it. You have a seller from where you are buying a product and now you will have to find a buyer who can buy your product.