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5 Portfolio Stocks to buy Now – Stocks creating New Highs

5 Portfolio Stocks to buy Now – Stocks creating New Highs
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Are you looking for stocks that you can hold in your portfolio for the long term? Here we have 10 portfolio stocks creating new highs day in and day out.

5 Portfolio Stocks Creating New Highs

1. Nestle India

Nestle India is a subsidiary of Swiss-based company Nestle in the FMCG segment. The company is trading at a PE of 82 with a total market capitalization of 188,000 crores. The market price for the share is 19500, just 500 points down from an all-time high of 20,000. The FMCG Company has a Monopoly over kids’ product Cerelac which any other brand in India does not produce. There is a 147% of Return on Total Capital Employed and a 113% Return on Equity offered by the company. The company pays a regular dividend with a dividend yield of more than 1%. It has given a 15% Compounded Annual Return for the last 10 years and a 23% solid CAGR for 5 years.

2. Colgate-Palmolive India Limited

Colgate is the most popular toothpaste brand and has its own brand value. Toothpaste, Toothpowder, Mouthwash, and some personal care products are in their product portfolio having a total of 51% market share in the industry. The company has given a 74.4% of Return on Equity and a 92% Return on Total Capital Employed. Currently trading at a PE of 40 the stock has a market capitalization of 42,000 crores and a CMP of 1500. And, if you are someone interested in Dividends, then the stock is giving a dividend yield of 2.5%. The Stock has been very consistent in its returns with a 10% very stable CAGR for the last 10 years.

3. Page Industries

It’s possible that this might be unfamiliar to you but you must have heard the brand name Jocky. Yes, Page Industries is the company behind the manufacturing and distribution of Jocky in the South East Asian region in countries like India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, UAE, etc. Jocky and Speedo are the two brands, which the company holds the sole license for. At a PE Ratio of 76, the company has a market capitalization of 55,000 crores. The stock is trading at a CMP of 49,900, very close to its all-time high of 56,600. A solid ROCE of 67% and ROE of 54%. Page Industries has been an absolute favorite for a lot of investors by giving a 32% CAGR in the past 10 years, 23% in 5 years a 40% in the previous 3 years.

4. Motherson Sumi Wiring Limited

A company that is mainly associated with the auto industry is another favorite. They are mainly into the wiring business. Trading at a PE of 55, the company has a market cap of 25,000 crores, it is trading at a CMP of 80 which is very close to its all-time high of 84. A Return on Equity of 50% and a Return on total Capital Employed of 59% makes it very strong. The stock was listed at a price of 64 in the month of April this year and since then it has been consistently growing. This company is nothing but a split of business from its host company Motherson Sumi.

5. Coal India Limited

Coal India Limited is a company that is owned by the Government and has a complete monopoly in the business of mining and production of Coal. With a market cap of 141,00 crores, the stock is trading at a PE Ratio of merely 6. Currently, the stock is trading at its all time high of 230-232. A ROCE of 54% and an ROE of 43% makes it a prominent player in the entire market. Now, the stock is going at a rapid speed and has given almost 70% return in last one year but things haven’t been so good in the past. And, the major reason for that is its dividend policy. Coal India Limited has a dividend yield of 7.5% giving better than any traditional investment tool.

These are 5 major portfolio stocks creating new highs as of now and can be considered for long term investments. Some other stocks to consider can be:

  • Gillette India
  • CG Power and industries
  • Britania India
  • Fine Organic
  • EID Parry
  • ITC
  • Blue Dart Express
  • HAL
  • SKF India
  • Rites