Should You Start a Blog in 2022? Here’s Why and How?

Should You Start a Blog in 2022? Here’s Why and How?
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Whenever you search for something on Google, there are millions of websites that show up to fulfill your search queries. You also might have wished someday to have a website of yours. And a blog website is a great way to share information with the world while making some good money also.

But due to the exponential growth of video content in recent years, many of you might be doubtful to start a blog thinking who would read an article when people have videos on almost every topic to watch. So let’s find out what’s the future of blogging and should you start a blog in 2022?

What is a Blog?

A blog is a website where a person writes regularly about topics that interest them. The articles published in a blog are usually written informally compared to a business website with the objective to share information with the world.

You might be a regular reader of some blogs, and you’ve noticed that some blogs are specific to just one topic, and some post articles on multiple topics. You can also start a blog of your own, share knowledge, build your personal brand, and also make money online.

Future of Blogging

We all consume a lot of video content these days, and many of us think that who would read blogs when there are videos to watch about every topic we want to know about. Do blogging has really a future? And the answer is a big YES!

There are many topics that people want to read because many of them see text content as authoritative. Nowadays anyone can make and post a video on the Internet, and this has led to a lot of misleading videos with false information.

Also if you need to know a specific thing about something, then you can easily get to know about that in a few seconds by Googling and visiting a website. But if you have to know the same thing through a video, then you will have to watch a video of at least 4-5 minutes because you don’t know at what exact time code your specific topic has been discussed in the video.

It is true that the growth of video content has reduced the market for text content. But blogging isn’t going anywhere completely, there will be a good demand even for text content and you can fulfill that demand gap by creating a blog and writing on topics that interest you.

Prerequisite to Start a Blog

The very first thing you need to have to start a blog is the desire to write regularly. Many people create a blog, write a few articles, and then get demotivated. If you want to succeed in the field of blogging and make a career out of it, then you have to be consistent in posting quality articles regularly.

Now if we talk about the investment to create a website, you have to purchase a domain name and a web hosting plan that may cost you a minimum of 3000-4000 rupees per year. Also, you must have a PC or laptop to manage a website because everything can’t be done on a smartphone.

How Easy is Blogging to Learn?

If you can write and present your thoughts well, it’s very easy to succeed in blogging. Also, you don’t need to be an expert in the field in which you want to write articles for your blog. Obviously, subject matter experts have an edge but you also can do blogging if you have knowledge on general topics.

A few years ago, making a website was a bit hard. But in today’s time, anyone can create a blog website with just a few clicks with the help of WordPress and other platforms. There are many YouTube channels and blogs dedicated to teaching you blogging, you can easily learn from them for free and make your blog a great success.

How to Earn Money from a Blog Website?

The very first way to make money from a blog is Google AdSense. You might have seen some advertisements on blogs that you visit, you too can place these ads on your website through AdSense and earn quite a good amount of money.

If your blog has a specific kind of audience, then you can make even more money than AdSense from affiliate marketing. It is an excellent way of making money online where you get a fixed commission for every purchase people make through your affiliate links.

You can very easily join affiliate programs of Amazon and other e-commerce websites, generate affiliate links of products you want to recommend to people, place these links on your blog website and create a passive income from the purchases done by clicking your affiliate links.

There is another way of earning money from a blog and that is through sponsored posts. If your blog website has good monthly traffic, other bloggers would reach out to you for guest posting with a link to their website; and you can charge for that. And if a big brand or company reaches out for sponsored posts, you can make quite a good amount of money just by posting their article.

So these are some of the well-known earning sources from a blog, and you can always increase your earnings by setting up your own e-commerce store or by selling e-books and online courses.

Should You Start a Blog in 2022?

If you have or can develop the habit of writing regularly, then you should definitely start a blog because it has immense opportunities for growth and earning. Video content is obviously growing at a rapid pace but it isn’t going to diminish the importance and potential of text content.

You can write blogs along with making videos also, and these two combined can help you to build a very bright future if you’re ready to post regular content. If you have the desire to grow yourself both personally and professionally, then blogging is a great thing. Hope you’ll give it a try, and all the best for your efforts. Thanks!

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