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1o Stocks to Buy in this Market Fall – February 2022

1o Stocks to Buy in this Market Fall – February 2022
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The Indian Stock Market is continuously struggling to move u. and that gives us an opportunity to invest in certain good stocks that are down with the market. So, here we have a list of 10 stocks to buy in this market fall.

The nifty has fallen below 16,000 from the high of 18,600 about a 10% fall and it is quite evident also as the bull run needs a stoppage also. But, if you look at the overall picture, it’s a temporary stop, the Indian economy is still in that growth run. Despite the FIIs pulling out their money market is not falling below a certain limit. And, the primary reason for this is the Indian Retail Investors. These Retail Investors are now realizing the power of investing in equity than bank deposits. This continuous supply of funds from small retail investors is keeping the market stable.

But, despite all that stability, the market would go down as that is the basic nature of the market. The overall economy and the market both are growing but with certain ups and downs. And, here we have a downtrend which looks like to be coming up.

10 Stocks to Buy in this Market Fall

From 18600 to 16,200, the nifty has given a fall of about 13%. Similarly, the senses have1. come down to 55,000 from 62,000 which is again about a 12% fall. But, there are stocks that have fallen more than 12% and are considered to be blue-chip stocks.

Thursday, February 24th, 2022, the Nifty 50 has fallen by almost 5% and the same goes for the Sensex also but the good thing is that there are good stocks that have fallen by about 10% in just a day.

Enough of the problems of falling market and economy and let’s stop blaming the Ukraine Russia situation. The good thing is that this is the opportunity to invest in good stocks and even if you are not interested in investing, you can buy these good stocks and in a few days book a profit of 10-15 %. Because every time there is a fall, there is a reversal with a faster rate.

1. Reliance Industries

The biggest player in the market is Reliance Industries and it is down by about 18% which gives a good opportunity to buy this company as of now. The RIL is down from 2750 to 2250 and if you are buying this company now definitely it will go back to 2750 and probably make a new high. All it needs is just one positive news and that will automatically loft the index also, The RIL has the highest weightage in the Nifty 50 Index.

2. IEX

The Indian Energy Exchange is one of the growth stocks. The highest price that we have seen recently was above Rs 300 and from that level, it has come down to 190. This makes it trading almost 40% down from the high price but the usual price it used to trade at is about 250 and from that level also it is Rs 50 down. The stock has seen a sudden rise from 300 level to 800 and now because of a split of 1 share into 3, this has happened.

3. Tata Motors

Tata Motors Limited has fallen by more than 10 % in a single trading day today. The CMP for Tata Motors as of 24th February is Rs 425 making a lower level of around 405 today from a level of 530. This is almost 20% down but even from the level of 500, it comes to 15%. And, it is one of the fastest-growing Auto Mobile Companies as of now. When the right time comes, Tata Motors Limited will definitely show the jump that is expected from it.

4. IDFC First Bank

As we discussed on Tata Motors Limited, IDFC First Bank also fell by more than 9% today. From a trading average price of 45-46 for IDFCFIRSTB, this is a decline of more than 15% and consider it as an opportunity. It is one of the rising banks with the potential of being called the Next HDFC Bank. A company like this trading at a discount of 15% is a great opportunity to grab it.

5. L&T

Larsen and Toubro are some of the biggest Infrastructure companies across the globe. It is considered as one of the giant elephants in the market. L&T is a fundamentally strong company that does not decline the way market falls and as of now, it is down by about 12 % which gives an opportunity to grab it. If you are looking to get good fundamentally strong stock in your portfolio then this is the time to take your hands on L&T. From a price point of 2,000 it has come down to 1750 price level.

6. Industower

This is the company that holds some kind of monopoly in the telecom business owned by Bharti Airtel. On 24th February itself, the stock has fallen by 18% which gives a clear picture of the discount level that can be expected here. From a trading price of around 275, Industower has come down to 216 which makes it down by more than 20%. And, the business model and fundamentals of the business are really good.

7. Infosys

Infosys is one of the best IT companies or honestly speaking the second-best IT company. A company like Infosys touched a level of 1950 recently from where it has come down to 1680 making it down by 13% but from an average trading price of 1830 also it is about 8% down.

8. TCS

And, when we are talking about an IT company like Infosys, how can the TCS be left behind. TCS is the biggest IT company that we have and the second largest company in the Indian Stock Market after Reliance. Owned by Tata and Sons, TCS is the stock that deserves to be in your portfolio. From a price level of 3850, it has come down to 3400 making it one of the favorite stocks to buy this fall.

9. Dr. Reddy’s Lab

Again a stock with strong fundamentals from a different segment. Pharma and IT has been one of the fastest-growing sectors in the last two years. This stock of DR REDDY was trading at a level of about 4800-5000 from where it has come down to 4000 mark. This is a fall of almost 15% and it’s an opportunity to grab it.

10. Dixon Technologies

DixonTech is one of the best Midcap Companies that have the potential of going to the Largecap segment. They are into the business of contract manufacturing of mobiles, bulbs, TVs, etc. which they are doing really well. From a trading price point of around 5800, the stock has come down to the level of 4,000 which is a huge discount. Definitely, it’s a great opportunity to grab a stock like this.