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5 Tips to Grow a New YouTube Channel in 2022

5 Tips to Grow a New YouTube Channel in 2022
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Video content in social media has grown so exponentially that you can’t even imagine a world without it. And YouTube is the backbone of the same, being the top platform to host videos where you too can upload videos and earn quite a good amount of money.

And a new YouTuber always feels that it has become too competitive to grow a new YouTube channel in 2022. But, it’s not true because everyone has something unique to offer, and the right audience will get to that.

How to Grow a New YouTube Channel?

The very first thing you need to have, in order to become a YouTuber in 2022, is self-confidence. Why do you think that you can’t? The competition was, is, and will always be there, not only in content creation but in every field of life. You need to have belief in yourself that you will put your best efforts to shine in whatever field you want to grow.

You have to be clear first, what’s stopping you from not starting? Many a time, perfection puts a check on our mindset because we think to copy the famous creators who have the best resources to make things happen. Resources don’t matter, you can also get them in time. So start with whatever you have, you can do everything through your smartphone, from recording a video to editing, uploading, and managing your YouTube channel.

Put everything aside, and make your mind strong that you can, and will put your best efforts to make videos regularly because that’s the only thing that can help you to grow a new YouTube channel in this competitive time. So here are the top 5 tips to grow a new YouTube channel in 2022.

1. Choose a Specific Niche

The most common mistake every new YouTuber makes is that they don’t create videos on a specific niche/category. When we see our favorite creators, we think we can also make videos like these; and we end up making videos on different topics which have nothing to do with one another in terms of a specific category.

You should not mix your content because if anyone is subscribing to your channel after watching a video on a topic, he/she is doing so because he/she wants from you more videos like the video he/she just watched. His/her expectation is only videos in the same category/niche, so when you upload a video on another category his/her expectations and demands are not met, and hence he/she won’t watch your future videos.

One more thing you should note here is that when you upload videos on a specific niche, people treat you as an expert on that niche. And so whenever you upload a new video, they watch yours; not only do they watch, they watch till the end giving you a good watch time. If your videos get good watch time, the YouTube algorithm also recommends your videos to other people helping you to grow your channel fast.

2. Maintain Quality along with Quantity

In the beginning, every new creator thinks that one has to make a lot of videos in order to get noticed in the competitive space of YouTube. It’s true to some extent, but only quantity won’t help. You need to create quality content not compromising so much with the number of videos.

The biggest myth about quality content is that you should record your videos in the highest resolution possible, like Full HD and 4K, and edit it professionally with top-notch music and sound effects. If the information you’re delivering in your videos is factually right and up to the mark, packaged with the right title and thumbnail, your smartphone’s recording will also be considered as quality content.

Focus on the overall packaging of your content and how the viewers are going to feel after watching your videos. Be authentic, maintain your uniqueness, and in order to deliver quality content don’t compromise with the number of videos you’re uploading per month because quantity still plays a very important role in growing a new YouTube channel.

3. Be Consistent

Many people start a YouTube channel, but very few sustain. Everyone thinks that one will get a lot of views and subscribers just from uploading 4-5 videos, and when they don’t, they quit. If you want to grow a new YouTube channel in 2022, you need to be consistent for months and years.

No one gets viral from their first video, you need to have patience because it takes time. The only thing you can do is to make videos regularly. Vaibhav Sisinty, the founder of GrowthSchool, says that consistency is the biggest growth hack.

Consistency doesn’t mean that you have to upload videos daily. You just have to decide, how many videos you want to upload in a month, what will be the schedule like on every alternate day or every two days; then you need to strictly follow that uploading routine. If you keep making videos on a regular basis for 6-8 months, no one can stop your channel from getting views and subscribers.

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4. Be Strategic

If you think that you’ll get success just by following the simple steps, you will, but it may delay your success. You need to have some strategies in order to get the attention of your potential viewers. Normal packaging of videos does perform well, but following some tricks can help you in the beginning phase.

And for that, you can make clickbaity thumbnails to some extent and use high CTR (click-through-rate) images and texts on your thumbnail and video title. But don’t forget the overall positioning of your video, what you meant to create, and what you’re publishing for the viewers.

5. Keep Learning

No one is omniscient, everyone is learning and you should also have the mentality of not to stop learning. Watch the videos of your favourite creators, analyse what they are doing, why their videos are performing well, how you can learn from them, and enhance the overall quality of your videos.

Anyone can get success, but maintaining that is the hardest thing. You can do this by constantly learning from your inspirations and the leaders of your field. Never think that you know everything, there is always something to learn and get better in one’s crafts in the field of creativity. And your videos are not just videos, they are your expressions, what you feel about something and what you want to make others feel.

I wish you all the best. If you haven’t started your content creation journey, create your YouTube channel now, and keep making videos consistently. Thanks!

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