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How to be famous on youtube without showing face in 2023

How to be famous on youtube without showing face in 2023
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As we all know that Videos are the future & every one is much intrested in watching video content rather than reading articles on website , hence Nowadays everyone wants to become famous on youtube but few people do not want to show their face in their videos & want to start a YouTube channel without showing their face and create videos with voiceover and still want to make money online through YouTube. So here are 10 YouTube channel ideas that you can start without showing your face in 2023 .

There might be different reasons for different people why they don’t want to show their faces on their videos, some may be concerned about their privacy and some also may not be interested in getting famous. Whatever be the reason, there are many ways and video ideas that don’t require you to show your face, and yet you can make your YouTube channel a great success.

Best YouTube Video Ideas without Showing Face

The very first thing you need to think of is how you will be making videos. There are plenty of options where you can create videos without showing your face. You can do voice-over videos and create videos by adding images and stock footage, making animations, and screen-recording gaming or how-to tutorials.

Many creators also make vlogs without being in the videos, they just avoid recording in selfie mode. You too can create videos like these and you don’t have to show your face in order to grow your YouTube channel. Here are some of the most popular video ideas that you can start in this genre.

1. Facts & Knowledge Videos Channel

You might have watched some videos containing amazing facts that you didn’t know before. These videos are trending nowadays, especially in short videos format and very easy to make. You can find amazing facts or unknown facts on Google and can create videos through voice-over and adding different images and stock footage. This is a very wide category and you can focus on any single topic also. For example, you can create videos only on topics of science-fiction or any one topic that you wish to make videos on. If you specify your topic then it will be easier for you to choose video topics and make videos regularly.

2. Biography Videos of Successfull persons

As of now , every one is willing to be a successful person by following the path of those person who stands a reputed position & famous , so if you are a youtuber who don’t want to show your face in videos but you can create videos on youtube by just using images and video clips and narrating their biography in background , such videos are doing extremply good on internet specially on youtube and becoming viral getting millions of views as a result the creator earning huge revenue from ads.

3. Making Gaming Videos of popular games

if you love & enjoy playing games on computer there are lot of popular games like free fire The battle grounds , PUBG etc whic are loved & played by millions of youngesters . Even if you start live streaming those game plays online on youtube channel , you can get millions of views of subscribers . In this case as well there is no need to show your face on screen or camera , hence without showing here your face just you can cast your screen by any screen recording software you can live stram your entire gaming session and can earn lot of super chat and super thanks in terms of money.

4.Cooking & food recipes Youtube Videos

If you are a feamale youtuber of housewife , you know cooking and making delicious and yummy recipies . You can create either vegeterian or non vegeterian recipies disches videos explaining the procedure without showing your face , people can easily learn your content who are found of tasty foods & in return you will get subscribers & video views on youtube and ultimatly more money from ads .

5. Software & Apps Review Videos

 if you have knowledge regarding software of computer for Android apps or IOS applications then you can easily  create videos on how to use any particular software either that is of computer or mobile phone,  now a days lot of people see review of any software for any functionality before installing it so it would be a great option for youtubers who are not willing to show their face inside the video of YouTube but just by using their wise they can create awesome video and get turn off views on that software review video .As a result use money from millions and millions of views on that videos without showing your face

6. Gadgets Unboxing & Review Videos

 Since online shopping is booming and people are referring to shop there prefer electronic gadgets from Amazon or any other popular shopping website or eCommerce website. if you have a bunch of gadget either you have bought them from your own money or you got them from your friends and family. So it will be a better option That you create unboxing video so that people can know what is inside that box pack what are the components delivered inside the package apart from that your review after using that gadget that it is good in that price range or not so I think that it also does not required to reveal your face and just by using your voice and focusing your camera on that gadget review you can make awesome videos and upload on YouTube and make money.

7. DIY & Evperiments Videos

DIY  videos  has huge demand on YouTube and if you love to create such videos then it also does not require that you reveal your face you rise or focus your camera on your  body aur face just you need to focus on the stuff which are the part of your DIY project .If you create videos on such project it will what is great on YouTube since lot of students are searching for such projects which does not have any value to show your face in the video just knowledge is important how the project is being made so keep uploading such projects on DIY Videos and earn money from Youtube

8. Cartoon & Animation Videos

Lot of people are enjoying cartoon videos on YouTube specially kids for childrens power for entertaining 2D or 3D cartoon videos are are getting million and million of views on YouTube. so if you have knowledge of a animation on making cartoon then just voice over it make your favourite character and on a story you have to create video including all you have to sync and upload that video on YouTube in few days it will get viral and each I enter turn you will get earn use money from Youtube ads. in this case also you don’t required to expose your face on camera just create videos and voice over rate that would be screen recorded and upload on YouTube.

9. Book Summary

If you have the habit of reading books or can inculcate this habit, then making videos on book summaries can garner a lot of views on your channel. A lot of books keep coming every week and you will never feel the lack of video topics if you start your channel in this niche.

Book summary videos attract viewers organically because the books on which you are providing summary have already an audience, and you don’t need to do much to get views and subscribers. You just have to work on your presentation style and if people find it loving, you’ll have a very successful YouTube channel in no time.

10. Motivational Videos

Motivation is something that every human being seeks in one’s life. And if you’re someone who can motivate people with inspiring talks and stories, then there are a billion people waiting for your videos.

You can make videos about self-improvement, career, life issues, experiences, and stories of successful people. There are endless stories to get inspired from, and you can make videos on them and become a motivator and also a successful YouTuber.

11. News and Information

As you all know that mainstream media is now not enjoyed by many people because they get all the latest news and updates in real-time through social media. Many new media companies and individual content creators are sharing news and latest information in more appealing ways that people love to interact with them more.

You too can start a YouTube channel and make videos about the latest news and updates about general topics or any specific category if you wish so. One thing you have to keep in mind here is that you have to be very quick in delivering videos and in more quantity if you want to succeed in this arena because there is a plenty of options for viewers to watch from. But if you make thought-provoking and research-driven videos then publishing fewer videos can also make you a successful and big creator.

12. How-to Tutorials

With the arrival of Jio 4G services, many people in India now have access to the Internet, but the newcomers don’t know much about it and how to interact with the online world. And you can make videos for them on tutorials about different things how they should do online like downloading e-Aadhaar, applying for PAN Card or any other government scheme and different other topics.

The digital divide is so big that many people even don’t know how to use some of the most popular apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, PhonePe, Paytm; and you can very easily make videos about these and get a million views. You can create how-to tutorials by recording the screen of your smartphone or computer and adding a voice-over. The best thing about this channel idea is that you don’t have to invest much time in researching video topics, you already know about these things and you just have to teach beginner Internet users about the same.

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