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7 YouTube Myths You Must Ignore to Grow a New Channel

7 YouTube Myths You Must Ignore to Grow a New Channel
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If you have just started a new YouTube channel and want to grow big, then you must have watched some videos around channel growth tips and tricks. Some of them work, and some don’t. And many a time, myths around boosting a new channel actually keep your channel small. So here are some YouTube myths you must ignore in order to grow your channel.

YouTube Myths Busted

Myths around new YouTube channel growth have evolved through the personal experiences of some creators, and these aren’t universal. These tips and tricks may work for a specific category or type of video, but most of the time these don’t work. So it’s better to stay away from these and focus on creating content consistently because that’s the only growth secret.

1. You Have to Create a lot of Videos to Gain Subscribers.

Many new YouTubers think that they have to make a lot of videos in order to gain subscribers on their channel and get noticed as new YouTubers. This isn’t true, you need to create more videos but it’s not like you have to upload 2-3 videos daily.

Uploading a new video weekly or twice a week can also be a lot if you publish regular videos. And it will provide you more time to think and plan for the upcoming videos. This way, you can maintain quality along with quantity.

And if you analyze the channels of your favorite creators, all videos don’t perform well. Only a few videos get good views, and those gain most of the subscribers. So it’s quite clear that you don’t need to chase the number of uploads, instead focus on quality content and be consistent.

2. Tags are Very Important in YouTube videos.

Most of the new YouTubers spend a lot of time searching for tags and placing them in their videos because most of us think that tags are the only thing that makes YouTube videos viral. Obviously, tags have importance in the SEO of YouTube videos but are not so mandatory that videos not having tags don’t perform well.

If your videos are such that people won’t watch by searching the exact topic of your videos, then tags don’t matter much. And it’s also not true that the YouTube algorithm looks for the right tags before deciding to promote any video. So don’t overthink and try not to spend hours just searching and typing tags, instead put some basic keywords relevant to the topic of your videos, that’s it.

3. YouTube Thumbnails Must Have Your Face and Text.

You must have seen a ton of thumbnails on YouTube, some have only the face of the creators, some have only texts and graphics, some have the combination of both and some are just simple pictures. And everyone has one’s own notion regarding how a good thumbnail should be, and what kind of thumbnails get more clicks and views.

There is not any hard and fast rule that you have to show your face on the thumbnails of your videos, or only write some texts regarding the video, or combine both with some graphics. It’s completely your choice, how you want to position yourself and your channel. You can definitely experiment with different types of thumbnail designs, but there’s nothing like a proven design that can guarantee more views.

4. Writing Keywords in the Description section Gets More Views.

The description section of a YouTube video is to write about the content you’re providing in your video so that viewers can get a context of the same. But many creators type keywords related to the videos, some smart creators do the same under the headline ‘queries answered in this video‘.

YouTube has provided a tags section to type keywords regarding your videos, and the purpose of the description section is different. People think YouTube will get more data about our videos if we put tags/keywords in the description but in fact, YouTube may penalize/remove your content because of tag stuffing or misleading metadata.

Keywords are definitely important to be placed in your videos, but in the tags section and not in the description. Use the description area to write what your video is all about, what topics you have discussed, and provide content to the viewers why they should watch the video completely.

5. You Should Not Share Your Videos on Social Media.

Don’t know, who is spreading this type of myth but it’s absolutely untrue. You’ll get to watch many tips & tricks videos around YouTube channel growth advising not to share your videos on social media. You think yourself, why YouTube has given the option to share videos.

If YouTube doesn’t like views from external sites, then there wouldn’t have the ‘share‘ button. Obviously, your videos should not get all views from external sites. But it’s quite acceptable to share your videos on social media if you want to get some initial views.

6. Hiding Subscriber Count Helps in Faster Channel Growth.

Starting a new YouTube channel from scratch takes quite a long time to get the initial boost and gain subscribers. And there is a myth that hiding the subscriber count on your channel helps in faster growth. The proposed reason for this is that viewers don’t easily subscribe to channels with low subscribers, so it’s better to hide the subscriber count.

This is true to some extent, but it also makes the viewers suspicious about your channel. Many viewers have doubts regarding the authenticity of your channel and most of them often don’t subscribe thinking if it’s a genuine channel then why it is hiding the number of subscribers.

Why do you think that people won’t subscribe to your channel by seeing fewer subscribers? Viewers do feel that you have low subscribers, but they also understand that everyone starts from zero. And if your video is good and people like your content, they don’t look at the number of subscribers you have, they just subscribe because they’re influenced by your content and want to watch more of your videos.

7. Quality Content doesn’t Need Metadata Optimisation.

Many creators believe that if you create quality content then people will surely watch. You have to understand here that no one knows about the quality of your videos before watching the same. And for that, you need the people to click and get to your video first which can be done only with clicky thumbnails and titles.

Quality is always at the top, but you should never ignore the metadata of your videos like spending time designing an attractive thumbnail, thinking of the right title, and putting the right tags and description for SEO which will help you to get more views in the long-run. Do make quality content but also give time for optimizing the metadata of your videos. Thanks!

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